3G in buses and trains: train staff do not check for the time being

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Berlin – 3G is now also applicable in trains and buses. But observers do not expect passengers to be checked particularly frequently. In fact, a current example from the federally owned Deutsche Bahn (DB) shows that 3G grouches hardly have to reckon with any measures for the time being. This shows an instruction for customer advisors in local transport, which is available to the Berliner Zeitung. According to document WR-105/2021, which was published this Wednesday, passengers on regional trains will only have to expect 3G controls of the train attendants in two weeks. “DB Regio does not initially check and then only when at least two train attendants are on the train,” summarized an observer on Wednesday evening.

The review of the new 3G obligation will “initially be introduced in two stages,” says the instructions to the KiN, as the customer advisors in local transport are called within the railways. In stage 1, which according to the internal paper should last from November 24th to December 7th, 2021, the first thing is to “sensitize travelers”. “Carry out the mandatory announcement on the train and point out the 3G obligation,” the text continues. Then it says explicitly: “The 3G certificates are not yet checked.”

Also from December 8th, controls only under certain conditions

In the announcement, the passengers are made aware that the 3G rule applies on the trains. “Please have a valid 3G certificate with you”, so the announcement text. “Pay attention to the legal regulations regarding the mask requirement on our trains and at the stations. We recommend wearing an FFP2 mask. ”In some federal states, different announcement texts apply – for example in Berlin, where, according to DB Regio, an FFP2 mask is mandatory on the train.

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Stage 2 of the concept is then to begin on December 8, 2021, is then in the instructions to the control and service staff at DB Regio. “Make the mandatory announcement on the train and point out the 3G obligation. If your train journey is accompanied by colleagues from DB Sicherheit or if there are at least two of you on the train as a KiN, as part of the ticket inspection, you should always have the travelers’ 3G proofs shown in conjunction with an identification document. ”

There will only be 3G controls by the customer service representative if the aforementioned requirements are met. Either there are security guards on the train – or at least the customer advisors appear as a duo. In many areas of Germany, regional trains are usually not accompanied by customer advisors – depending on the transport contract. Elsewhere, only one account manager is on duty per train.

3G means that travelers in public transport have to prove that they have either been vaccinated against Corona, have recovered from the disease (proof not older than 180 days) or tested negative for the virus. According to DB Regio, the test certificate must not be older than 24 hours. The Infection Protection Act has been changed so that the new rule can be introduced. This should help to contain the spread of the coronavirus. However, according to experts, this can only be achieved with this means if compliance with the 3G regulation is monitored.

DB Fernverkehr is planning around 400 checks

Railway trade unionists such as GDL boss Claus Weselsky had already warned against burdening the train staff with additional tasks. Disputes with inconsiderate passengers were expected. That is why other forces, especially the Federal Police, had to support the DB employees from the start, it said.

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The official DB announcement from Tuesday could already be read as if the train attendants who look after passengers and check tickets should not initially check any 3G certificates. Instead, security and control personnel will randomly monitor compliance with the rule, the DB announced. In long-distance traffic alone, around 400 controls on this topic are planned in the first few days. “Should the DB have to pronounce an exclusion from transport, they can ask the Federal Police for assistance in the event of problems,” warned the railway.


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