3rd league: Dennis Erdmann from the DFB banned for eight weeks – football

The DFB sets an example!

Dennis Erdmann (30) from 1. FC Saarbrücken has been banned for eight weeks! The DFB sports court announced on Monday afternoon.

The reason: The Magdeburg pros Baris Atik, Leon Bell Bell, Sirlord Conteh and Amara Condé accused Erdmann of making racist remarks after the game in August (including “Tell your parents to paddle back”).

The committee followed the request of the DFB control committee and imposed a ban of eight weeks and a fine of 3,000 euros on the Saarbrücken resident of “grossly sport-adverse behavior”.

The sports court of the DFB had already met on September 2nd, but the session was interrupted. Nevertheless, Erdmann was banned from a game at the time.

Erdmann rejected the allegations again on the second day of the trial. “It wasn’t an easy week and a half. It is still not easy for me to go to bed in the evening, “he said and assured the sports court:” You saw that I am not a guy who distinguishes between main colors. “

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Dennis Erdmann moved to 1. FC Saarbrücken in the summerFoto: Getty Images

Judge Stephan Oberholz justified the decision as follows: “For us, the allegations have been confirmed in the evidence. The fact that the referee or other Saarbrücken players did not notice the statements made by player Erdmann does not mean that they did not fall. There is no evidence of deliberate false testimony by all Magdeburg witnesses and a plot against Dennis Erdmann. “

With the two-month ban, the DFB would take decisive action and send a signal. Oberholz: “In principle, the DFB does not tolerate any form of racism or discrimination in its seats and shows a clear edge here. Therefore a severe punishment had to be pronounced. “

The verdict is not yet legally binding. Erdmann can file an objection and thus apply for a hearing before the DFB Federal Court.



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