4-burner gas grill for 849 euros in the test: The Big Fred Series 3 | life & knowledge

4-burner gas grill for 849 euros in the test: The Big Fred Series 3 |  life & knowledge

2023-05-28 13:51:41

For the last five years, the Düsseldorf producer “Burnhard” has been making the well-known top dogs on the German grill scene with exciting grills – at comparatively affordable prices – a real fire.

For the 2023 barbecue season, Burnhard launched the “Big Fred Series 3”. What he’s good for BILD grill master Michael Quandt (54) tested.


The grill comes in three large packages. Practical: the screws are numbered and do not have to be sorted first (as with a well-known furniture store). The assembly instructions are easy to understand and sufficiently illustrated. All parts to be installed are a perfect fit, there are no snags, no sharp corners and edges. However: You should plan four hours for the assembly, preferably with two people.


It’s really something to behold! The “Big Fred Series 3” is made entirely of stainless steel, has three stainless steel burners with a total output of 10.5 kilowatts (kW), an infrared ceramic burner with a 900-degree zone on the left side and an infrared ceramic burner at the rear. There is also a side hob for preparing sauces or side dishes.

Practical: the side tables can be folded down, which saves space on the balcony or terrace after barbecuing. A food container is integrated into the right-hand side table, above which is an acacia cutting board with a juice groove, on which the meat can be cut immediately after grilling. There are four hooks for tongs and the like, a shelf for kitchen roll and a bottle opener on the grill if you’re thirsty for beer.

A beer is part of grilling, a practical gadget is the bottle opener on the grill



The grill is easy to move thanks to its four solid rubber tires and the brakes ensure that the grill is stable and secure.

The gas bottle can be stored inside the grill. Both a 5 kg bottle and the larger 11 kg model can be connected, both of which have a place in the trough. Disadvantage of the smaller bottle: If you move the grill, it is not secure, slips through the floor bracket and scratches the terrace floor.

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Each individual flame on the grill is ignited individually with the kickstarter piezo ignition. The temperature can be precisely regulated using the controls, which are easy to operate, so that different food can be grilled on the different surfaces of the grate.

The grill comes standard with cast iron grates, but a stainless steel grate is also available for an extra charge (60 euros). Both were tried in the test. And even if cast iron develops a little more heat a little faster: I am and will remain a fan of stainless steel because the grates are easier to clean and care for. The grill surface is 72.5 by 41.5 cm – great. The heat is evenly distributed over the entire grill surface.

App users can take the survey here: What is your favorite way to grill? Charcoal, gas or electric?

The infrared ceramic grill is particularly impressive. It takes just a few minutes to reach a temperature of 900 degrees, giving steaks a visually appealing and delicious crust before they are then pulled on the large storage rack to the desired core temperature. Result: meat like from the steakhouse.

Top crust at 900 degrees infrared heat in a few minutes

Top crust at 900 degrees infrared heat in a few minutes


New to Big Fred Series 3 is the rear burner. It becomes the star of the barbecue evening when you prepare a delicious gyros on the electric rotisserie (99.90 euros). The rotisserie is easy to assemble and runs smoothly and reliably on electricity.

After grilling, all parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

The rear burner gives the right roast to meat on the rotisserie

The rear burner gives the right roast to meat on the rotisserie

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Below the burners is a grease tray that cleanly catches dripping grease and can then be thrown in the garbage.


As with any grill, after grilling is before grilling. Therefore: All rotary controls on full power, let the grill burn out properly for 15 minutes and then brush the grates. The protective cover is included in the price.


In addition to the clean workmanship, the “Burnhard Big Fred Series 3” with three burners, infrared ceramic burner, rear burner and side burner is a real hit with the price of 849 euros (including smoker box and cover)! Thanks to the large grilling area, ten to twelve guests can also be easily grilled at a barbecue party.

For this price, well under 1000 euros, I don’t currently know of a better grill on the market.

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