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Orange County, east of Los Angeles, California, was the scene of a shooting yesterday that culminated in an unknown number of casualties and injuries. According to the first press rumors, the shooting that took place yesterday evening at an office complex, about 50 kilometers southeast of Los Angeles, ended in the deaths of at least four people, including a child and the assailant.

Few details yet. Officers arrived as gunshots were being fired and located more victims at the scene, including deceased victims. A shooting involving an agent occurred, a police post on Facebook reads. The situation has stabilized and there are no threats to the public.

Yesterday’s was the latest in a series of shootings in the United States in recent weeks (the latest in Boulder, Colorado) that prompted the administration of the President of the United States, Joe Biden, to relaunch the Democrats’ campaign for a further limitation of the right to possess firearms enshrined in the Second Amendment of the US Constitution.

The city of Orange is located about 50 kilometers southeast of Los Angeles and has 140,000 inhabitants.

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