4 main reasons for the increase in the price of vegetables

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Colombo (News 1st) According to the Hector Koppekaduwa Agricultural Research and Training Institute, the prices of vegetables are increasing day by day for 4 main reasons.

Badulla, Kandy, Nuwara Eliya and Puttalam-Karpitiya major vegetable production zones have been hit by heavy rains for the past two months, the company said in a statement.

He said that twice the normal rainfall was recorded in the area.

He pointed out that the crop lands there are facing a lot of damage.

Senior Officer Nalaka Wijesuriya cited the decline in the extent to which some crops were being cultivated as the second reason.

He also said that there has been a decline in the production of vegetables, especially chilli and cantaloupe, which are sold at higher prices.

Nalaka Wijesuriya said the fall in supply rates due to the rainy season was the third reason for the rise in vegetable prices.

He pointed out that the supply of vegetables from Nuwara Eliya, Badulla, Uva Paranagama, Welimada, Puttalam-Karpitiya to Colombo and Dambulla Central Stations was particularly low due to the heavy rains.

Nalaka Wijesuriya said that the fourth reason for the increase in the price of vegetables was the incidence of certain diseases due to the heavy rains, especially in some activities including curry, chilli and tomato.

Meanwhile, he added that the rise in prices of vegetables will continue till December.

Meanwhile, according to the price list of vegetables posted yesterday afternoon by the Government Information Department, the retail price of a kilogram of ponchi has started from 500 rupees to 520 rupees.

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A kilogram of curry chillies starts from 520 rupees to 560 rupees. A kilogram of Desikai has been reported from 600 rupees to 620 rupees.

The price of other vegetables is more than 280 rupees, according to the Government Information Department.

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