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The four accused in the Virudhunagar teen sexual assault case were produced in court today. The judge remanded them in custody until April 18.

Hariharan, Junaid Ahmed and Madasamy Praveen, who were arrested in connection with the sexual abuse of a teenager in Virudhunagar, were remanded in custody for 6 days by the CPCIT on the 29th. For the past 6 days, the CBCID police have been conducting cross-examination of the four persons jointly and individually and taking them to the scene of the sexual assault.

It has been reported that various sources were involved in examining the cell phones and taking them to the scene. Drug injections from a joint sexually abused coupon have been implicated in drug abuse.

Based on the investigation conducted on 4 persons and the examination of cell phones, 30 fellow friends of 4 persons were interrogated. The CBCID police have obtained the details of the interrogation conducted on all of them.
Video has also been recorded.

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Meanwhile, 4 school students were arrested and interrogated at the school for 4 hours on the 1st. The victim has been interrogated twice. According to the CPCIT, only 8 people have been arrested in connection with the case.

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It is noteworthy that the judicial custody of the 8 arrested persons ends today. Following this, the Srivilliputhur Violence Prevention Court has ordered to keep Hariharan, Junaid Ahmed, Madasamy and Praveen in custody for 15 days till the 18th of this month.

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