4 times 4 emotions Share the best photos from the awesome ZEISS lens in “vivo X80 5G”

Photography enthusiasts must come this way urgently. I saw that my wallet was shaking so hard with “vivo X80 Series 5G”, the latest flagship smartphone from vivo, many people may have tried to play together at the vivo Brand Shop, saying that they only have one smartphone. I don’t have to use the camera. Carrying a lot of things to mess with because it really ends in one device

Which we fell in love very hard with the hero of “vivo X80 Series 5G” such as the ZEISS lens at vivo and ZEISS, a leading manufacturer and developer of world-class camera lenses from Germany. have joined hands to develop smartphone photography technology in many models of vivo smartphones, which makes vivo not just a normal smartphone but turned into a smartphone full of very interesting features

So we would like to pick up “vivo X80 5G” to take pictures in 4 periods, 4 moods, whether it’s during Bright light, afternoon sun, giving natural light to get bright, beautiful sky. , the Golden Hour, also known as the golden hour will give off a yellow-orange light add soft More warmth to our photos, during Twilight after sunset. will get a pink-purple light that looks mysterious, charming, and at the end of the night, the night that many people who don’t like taking pictures because I think that the photo is not beautiful But because when there is “vivo X80 5G”, do not worry at all. No matter how dark the light is, don’t be afraid. Night shots take every shot The more you shoot with the scene that has been beautifully lit. Tell me that’s fine

Bright light range

vivo X80 5G 2

vivo X80 5G 3

Golden Hour

vivo X80 5G 4

vivo X80 5G 5

vivo X80 5G 6


vivo X80 5G 7

vivo X80 5G 8

vivo X80 5G 9

during the night

vivo X80 5G 10

vivo X80 5G 11

vivo X80 5G 12

using the ZEISS Portrait style mode, which is full of features to satisfy you But today we’re going to focus on the ZEISS Biotar, the swirling bokeh shots. Outstanding in the typical Biotar lens, ZEISS Distagon round bokeh suitable for wide shots, ZEISS Planar bokeh with less swirl than ZEISS Biotar, who likes very little swirl bokeh. but makes the background of our image still look gimmicky. Someone who likes to take portraits and make them stand out. Need this effect, ZEISS Cinematic is for people who want cinematic images. With a 2.39:1 aspect ratio, it feels new, very interesting, and the ZEISS Camera Panning effect makes the background look dynamic. All of which can only be found in vivo’s smartphones. Posted and got a lot of likes!

Comparison between ZEISS Portrait style mode and normal mode.

vivo X80 5G 13

vivo X80 5G 14

vivo X80 5G 15

vivo X80 5G 16

vivo X80 5G 17

vivo X80 5G 18

vivo X80 5G 19

vivo X80 5G 20

Freeze the decisive moment with professional photography. As clear as a movie, easily with a smartphone Must not miss! with “vivo X80 Series 5G” comes together with 2 models, vivo X80 5G and vivo X80 Pro 5G, can be reserved as the owner of “vivo X80 Series” at all vivo Brand Shop branches and dealers across the country or www.vivo.com



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