4 ways online casinos use artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a technology developed to simulate human intelligence processes in a machine. It has many practical applications, such as pattern recognition, language processing, and speech recognition. Online casinos are often on the cutting edge of technology, so the industry has implemented AI to help with user experience, customer support, and much more.

To personalize the customer experience

Most modern online casinos in the industry strive to give players looking to play new online slots ireland and live casino games the best customer experience possible. One way some casinos may try to improve their customer experience is through AI technology. One of the most common ways the online casino industry can make use of AI is through pattern recognition. It benefits online casinos to know which games are most played by players, or which types of games are preffered.

To provide optimal customer support

Another way artificial intelligence is used is to help provide customer support. At peak times, it can often take a long time for a customer to speak to a customer support representative, which may result in a dissatisfied player. The casino can use AI technology to handle player queries 24/7 before they speak to a human representative. The AI can access the casino’s knowledge base for common problems and solve most cases without human intervention. The additional help for common problems frees the customer support team to deal with more complicated issues.

To provide more betting opportunities

As well as providing excellent customer support, AI can help deliver players with greater betting opportunities. Modern online casinos are incredibly accessible, with a wide variety of games to play, and they even offer the ability to play multiple games simultaneously. AI can help find the games you enjoy the most and help unearth some hidden gems you may have yet to discover. It can even provide a new spin on one of the most popular varieties, live dealer casinos, by replacing live dealers with AI.

To prevent problematic gambling and crime

Finally, the online casino industry uses AI to help protect against illegal or problematic gambling. Artificial intelligence can help identify accounts engaging in patterns indicative of unlawful activity. Similarly, AI is used to spot the patterns of problematic gamblers, which allows online casinos to contact these players before the issue becomes out of control. This proactive stance regarding problem gambling will help protect some of the most vulnerable people and prevent them from losing life-changing amounts of money.


We expect to see more and more advances in AI technology over the years, which can only mean good things for the online casino industry. As companies get familiar with the technology, they’ll be better able to implement it, creating a safer and more user-friendly online gaming experience.


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