40 percent of Germans do not trust surveys

A large proportion of Germans are skeptical of polls such as the so-called Sunday question. 40 percent did not believe that they are a “realistic snapshot of the voting intentions of the population”, revealed a survey published on Wednesday by the Civey Institute on behalf of the weekly newspaper Die Zeit. 43 percent believed the opposite.

According to the survey from the beginning of the week, there are differences between political camps when it comes to trust in surveys: while 55 percent of CDU / CSU supporters expressed skepticism about the informative value of election polls, it was only 16 percent of SPD sympathizers. Two out of three SPD supporters, on the other hand, trust the polls.

SPD Chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz is currently leading the polls, while his Union rival Armin Laschet must continue to fight for a turnaround. At the representative survey of Civey on 13./14. September 2021, 2,507 people took part.


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