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47 Families’ Bargaining Practices Are Stretching

Tuesday, September 27, 2022 12:57 AM IST

Iriti: Land of 47 families of Aralam Cheditkulam Kottaram to get land title Actions are at a snail’s pace. Scrutiny of documents to prove authenticity of occupied land Even if a year has passed since the completion of the loan, the continuation of There are no ticks. Families who were cheated into buying land by paying money without knowing that it was surplus land What is the net without getting a license?
Living in the area for more than 40 years by raising a house and farming The Revenue Sangam is an authority of 52 Aadhaars of 47 families. Checked last year. Under the leadership of Iriti Taluk Head Quarters Tehsildar, 10 members Rev. New Sangham has camped in Mekhla and completed the verification of documents. Th. The native was hoping to get the license soon. L.
He bought land from a man named Abdurahman and settled in Kunnathuchira. The corpses were deceived. 10.91 acres of land was purchased by 47 families at different times. ran The families are the owners of land from 10 cents to each. Till 2015, all the village authorities were receiving taxes from them. 2015 They bought the surplus land without receiving the remaining tax. They know that.

Apply for the lease at the Koothupram Land Tribunal of Several hearings were held. In the meantime, show that this is surplus land and house the families. The action has started. The locals protested against this. The number was being stopped. With the realization that the families bought all the land Efforts to issue work permits have begun but are now dragging on. n.
Govt favors business and loans even with land Government decision for families who could not apply It had become a relief. While solving the Ambalakandi strip problem, the Chetikulam problem itself Even if the need to address is strong, the measures Yuka.


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