48 Pawan gold, 80,000 rupees! Half of the gold was left on the way as he went away: this is how the priest’s house was stolen

His son was arrested in the case of stealing gold and money from the house of the priest while he was at church. Kooropada Pulimoodu Ilapanal Fr. 48 Pawan gold and Rs 80,000 were stolen from the house of Jacob Nainan. Out of this, 21 pounds were recovered from the road near the house. Police arrested his son Shino Nainan Jacob (36) yesterday. Shino lives in the same house. Shino runs an insurance agency office near home.

Fr. The theft took place when Nainan and his wife went to the mosque for evening prayers. He broke the kitchen door of the house and entered. Chili powder was sprinkled in the room. On his way back he left some gold in the alley. The stolen money was hidden in the godown of a grocery store near his own establishment. The gold was hidden in a plastic bag in the bushes behind the shop.

Then Shino took the car and went out and returned home with his son who went for tuition. The police found that Shino had a huge financial burden. Shino had returned Rs 35,000 borrowed from the house on the day of the theft. The fact that he had switched off his phone at the time of the theft raised suspicion. The investigation was conducted by collecting the fingerprints of all the members of the household.

The police also came to the conclusion that if they are regular thieves, they will not leave gold ornaments on the road. Kanjirapalli DYSP N. Babukuttan, Pampati SHO KR Prashanth Kumar, Pallikamth SHO S. Pradeep, SIs KS Lebi Mon, KR Srirangan, Jomon M. Thomas, MA Binoy, G. Rajesh, ASI Pradeep Kumar, CPOs Jayakrishnan, Fernandes, Saju P. Mathew, Jibin Lobo, PC Sunil, Justin, G. Ranjith, TG Satish, Sarun Raj and Anoop led the investigation.



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