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Britain: 48 thousand and 500 years old “zombie virus” – discovered by a European scientist.

Over the past two years, the coronavirus has spread and paralyzed people’s normal lives. Now after Corona, normal life is returning. In this case, researches on various viruses in the world are ongoing.

Meanwhile, they have discovered more than 10 viruses that have been frozen under the lake for years. Subsequently, European researchers analyzed samples collected from two locations in the Siberian region of Russia. In it researchers discovered a “zombie virus”.

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Scientists said: A virus that had been buried for about 48,500 years, the “zombie virus” had been frozen for thousands of years, but it still had the ability to attack humans, researchers said.

If such viruses attack, chances are high that it will cause great danger. At the same time, researchers warn that any virus that infects animals or humans could similarly be reinvigorated by melting glaciers.

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