5 rupees parota in the border of tamilnadu and puducherry | தமிழக

5 rupees parota in the border of tamilnadu and puducherry |  தமிழக
Non-vegetarians say that the aroma of broths made with unadulterated spices attracts them. There is a specialty beyond this.

That’s 5 rupees barota shop .. This is the only barota shop that was here 80 years ago. The shop, run by Kavi Bakri Maideen, is known as the New Kavi Hotel, but the 5 rupee Baroda shop is its hallmark. No AC, add flashing. No table. There are only wooden tables. They keep putting baro from 7am to 11pm .. On the one hand Salna keeps boiling. Everything is cooked in a wood stove.

Baroda sold for 15 rupees 15 years ago for 5 rupees. Sharif, the owner of the shop, says that although the price has not been increased, the quality and quantity have not been reduced. He is proud to have been working in this shop since he was 8 years old.

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A variety of barota and chicken and mutton broths are available at low prices. Thus, non-vegetarians coming to Pondicherry just grab a hold of the 5 rupee bar shop and leave. No sauces and no coloring .. own product spice … 16 hours work as a 5 rupee barotta shop on the Tamil Nadu – Puducherry border without any advertisement dragging the customer …

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