5 Shortlisted Healthcare Initiatives for the “Taal in de Geneeskunde” Event

5 Shortlisted Healthcare Initiatives for the “Taal in de Geneeskunde” Event

2023-06-06 10:17:00

From 28 different applications, the following five candidates have been selected for the shortlist:


AlloMedics, founded by GP Abeba Mulugheta, is a platform that offers support to GPs who get stuck in the care of patients with a language or culture barrier. Such a patient is linked to a general practitioner who speaks the same language and with whom a video call consultation can be conducted. At the moment more than a hundred GPs are supported, more than 110 GPs are connected and AlloMedics provides support in 47 different languages.

Doubt phone

The Twijfeltelefoon started in 2021 as a contact point for questions about covid vaccinations. In the first months after the start, the counter touched 25,000 bubbles. The Twijfeltelefoon has since been expanded into a low-threshold information platform about prevention issues such as the HPV vaccination, the bowel cancer population screening and the flu and pneumococcal vaccination. It aims to reduce the health gap by providing accessible information.

Stichting Olijf: Experienced expert in gynaeco-oncology

An observing ex-patient ex-patient from the Olive Foundation is present during discussions between gynaecologist-oncologist and patient and provides feedback to both. It is an initiative of Annemijn Aarts, gynaecologist-oncologist at the AMC, which improves doctor-patient communication and pays more attention to the patient’s personal concerns and needs.


Medifoor.nl is a collaborative project of doctors, patients, artists and communication experts. It is an online platform with a wide range of narrative illustrations of medical metaphors (mediphors) that can be used in communication between healthcare providers and patients. The platform was devised by pediatrician-infectiologist Charlie Obihara, who based it on African culture in which stories are often told visually.

Child At The Doctor

The platform Kind Bij de Dokter is a platform founded in 2022 with reliable and accessible information about Pediatrics. It has been compiled by medical experts, children, parents and patient associations. By means of podcasts and leaflets at youth news level with a combination of medical information and experience stories, information needs of children and parents are met in a creative way.

A jury chaired by René Héman will choose three finalists from this shortlist who will present their initiative during the ‘Taal in deMedicine’ event on 27 June in De Doelen in Rotterdam. The first prize consists of a beautiful work of art, a cash prize of 2000 euros and, of course, media attention. The second and third prize winners will receive 1000 and 500 euros respectively.

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