5 tips for September

5 tips for September

2023-09-02 09:29:46

Iceland has many places to discover: for example the hot springs in Hvammsvík, in the southwest of the island. Image: Hvammsvík

Remote hot tubs, seaweed wraps or a synthetic hair installation: five tips and news from Iceland, which is best visited in September, after the tourist crowds have left.

Chromo Sapiens

Anyone who enters “Chromo Sapiens” will immerse themselves in another world accompanied by melodic murmurs. The three colorful caves are made of synthetic hair extensions from floor to ceiling. Some visitors carefully brush the fluffy material with their hands, others crouch on the floor and watch a boy hop around the rooms. This multisensory installation was created by Hrafnhildur Arnardóttir, known as the Shoplifter; she is considered one of Iceland’s most famous contemporary artists. In 2019 she represented her homeland at the Venice Biennale with “Chromo Sapiens”. The installation, together with other works by Shoplifter, can now be seen on the outskirts of the capital Reykjavík in the Höfuðstöðin center dedicated to it.

Fluffy: in the installation “Chromo Sapiens”: Image: Alva Gehrmann

The house is one of the country’s newest places to escape the same old souvenir shops and crowds of tourists. “Chromo Sapiens, which translates as ‘color wisdom’, is the name for the audience,” the artist once said. “People come in as Homo sapiens and leave as Chromo sapiens.”

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