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The victim was a 16 year old: the fact allegedly took place in a house in Suzzara. Young people’s phones and computers seized: Significant findings

last July 2, a Friday, when a girl shows up at emergency room of the Maggiore hospital in Cremona, accompanied by her mother. She is 16, holds her stomach, has severe pain. She fears she got pregnant. In an instant, the horror comes to the surface. The young woman tells of being raped at a party, which took place about fifteen days earlier, on 18 May. Group violence, he says. at that point the investigation immediately takes place: to coordinate it Prosecutor of Mantua, which entrusts the work to the Mobile Squads of the Mantua and Cremona Police Headquarters.

After about a month of work, here is yesterday’s turning point: five young men under investigation; two of which were taken directly to prison and three others with the obligation of residence. They are all aged between 20 and 23: Italians and residents of Suzzara, Gonzaga and Pegognaga, in the province of Mantua. The umpteenth alleged violence would have occurred precisely on 18 May in a house in Suzzara. here the party to which the group had also invited the 16-year-old would be organized. Immediately ended up in a trap.

It is not clear whether the little girl took or has been pushed to take alcohol or drugs. The fact is that she would have fallen prey to the five, without the possibility of defending herself. At the party – it was found – they were also present two other young Mantuan, always in the area, which would have been unrelated to the story. The girl, who after the complaint was followed by a psychologist, told the investigators everything during a protected hearing: it was then that she would have reconstructed the episode in detail, providing useful information for carrying out the investigations.

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During the 16-year-old audition she also explained that she had confessed to a friend of hers, also from Cremona, what had happened to her. The young man, who in part knows the group of boys from Mantua, was heard by the investigators and provided further details useful for the investigations. Putting it together all the elements collected, the policemen were therefore able to reconstruct the context in which the episode occurred and to collect feedback that is defined as significant.

The house searches of the five young men accused. Searches during which i cell phones and computers of the group of friends and the place where the violence took place was recognized, precisely described by the 16-year-old during the protected hearing. At the conclusion of the investigations, the investigating judge of the Court of Mantua Beatrice Bergamasco issued the various measures against the twenties: two of them were arrested and taken to jail in Mantua, while the residence obligation was issued for the other three.

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