5,000 Civilians Evacuated from Kherson Every Day, Pope Calls for Peace

5,000 Civilians Evacuated from Kherson Every Day, Pope Calls for Peace

► 5,000 evacuations of civilians in Kherson every day, according to Russia

“More than 5,000” civilians leave ” each day “ their home since the resumption of evacuations Tuesday in the Kherson region, the Russian Ministry of Defense said on Friday, Moscow being confronted in this annexed territory of southern Ukraine with a Ukrainian counter-offensive.

“Military engineers daily transport up to 1,200 civilian vehicles, trucks and cars, as well as more than 5,000 civilians to the left bank of the Dnieper River”said the Russian Ministry of Defense.

“Those currently living in Kherson must be removed from the most dangerous combat zones”said Vladimir Putin during a short ceremony in Red Square in Moscow to celebrate the Day of Russian National Unity. “The civilian population should not suffer from shelling resulting from offensive, counter-offensive and other measures”, he added. The Russian occupation authorities then announced a “24 hour curfew” in Herson.

► Aid from the United States on military equipment

The United States will finance the modernization of T-72 tanks and HAWK surface-to-air missiles as part of military aid to Ukraine of some $400 million, the Pentagon announced on Friday. Air defense capabilities such as armor are quite high on Ukraine’s list of requests for assistance.

The T-72, a tank designed in the Soviet era, is no longer at the level of modern armor – like the German Leopard or the American M1 Abrams – that kyiv sought to obtain. The “tanks come from the Czech defense industry, and the United States pays for the modernization of 45 of them, while the Netherlands has made the same commitment”for a total of 90 T-72s, Pentagon deputy spokeswoman Sabrina Singh told reporters.

The T-72 will benefit from advanced equipment in terms of“optics, communications, and armor”she said, adding that some would be ready by the end of December, while others should be delivered in 2023.

► In Bahrain, Pope Francis renews his call for peace in Ukraine

At the end of the Interreligious Forum for Peace, organized in Bahrain, Pope Francis expressed concern on Friday November 4 about the situation of the world placed “in a delicate balance”. Calling for the opening of “serious peace negotiations” so that “ends the war in Ukraine”the Pope linked the current geopolitical context to the two world wars and the Cold War.

“We are still on the edge of a fragile balance and we don’t want to sink”, analyzed François. He castigated the “powerful” who prefer to sink into “a resolute struggle for partisan interests” rather than solving “serious ecological and pandemic food crises” In progress.

► G7 calls for extension of grain export deal

The G7 countries, meeting in Münster, Germany, have called on Russia to extend the agreement on Ukrainian grain exports which is about to expire, a senior American diplomat said on Friday.

“Everyone agrees on the need to extend the Black Sea grain agreement”the diplomat told journalists on condition of anonymity, on the sidelines of a meeting of G7 foreign ministers in Münster, Germany.

The day before, the seven industrialized countries of this group had announced that they would coordinate their aid to deliver “water pumps, heaters, living and sanitary containers, beds, blankets, tents”, in the face of the intensification of Russian strikes on civilian equipment.

► The G7 launches an organization for the reconstruction

The G7 agreed on Friday to put in place “coordinating mechanism” to help Ukraine repair and defend its much-needed electricity and water supply infrastructure pounded in recent weeks by Russia.

“We reiterate our unwavering commitment to continue to provide the financial, humanitarian, political, technical and defense support that Ukraine needs to alleviate the suffering of its people and defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders.”said the foreign ministers of the group, meeting in Münster in western Germany.

“Some 40% of the infrastructure that provides hot water and electricity to Ukrainians is destroyed (…)”said the head of the American diplomacy Antony Blinken.

► From Beijing, Olaf Scholz calls on China to use its “influence” on Russia to end the war

The German Chancellor said on Friday, during a visit to Beijing, that he had asked Chinese President Xi to play « son influence » on Russia so that it puts an end to its “war of aggression” against Ukraine.

“I told the (Chinese) president that it is important for China to use its influence on Russia”Olaf Scholz told reporters. “It concerns the need to respect the principles of the Charter of the United Nations, to which we have all subscribed, it concerns principles such as that of sovereignty and territorial integrity, which are also for China an important thing”.

The German leader also called on Russian President Vladimir Putin from Beijing to “do not refuse” the extension of the agreement on Ukrainian grain exports, which is due to expire on 19 November.


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