545 million euros paid out and 164 thousand collaborators surveyed

Rome, March 5 (time.news)

“Year Book 2020” is the summary of the work of Sport e Salute SpA in the first year of the mandate of the president and CEO Vito Cozzoli. The 98-page text is divided into 18 paragraphs that touch on all the issues developed in this complicated year due to the coronavirus pandemic, with over 545 million euros paid out and 164 thousand sports collaborators surveyed. There are many projects launched by Legend, to sports in the Parks, to the many projects for the school, to sports for all. “A year of work has passed since the establishment, on March 2, 2020, of the new governance of Sport e Salute SpA but unfortunately there is not much to celebrate. It was a year of enormous suffering for the country and dramatic for the forced sport to closures, limitations, interruptions due to the pandemic. In these twelve months, however, Sport e Salute SpA has tried to be the same with all its strength “, are the words of Cozzoli in the introduction.

“We tell how through this publication. I thank the women and men of the Company who found themselves overnight without the” raw material “of their work and with sacrifice dedicated themselves above all to a new delicate function: the payment of bonus to sports collaborators. Despite Covid, Sport e Salute SpA and the Italian sports system have not stopped. With effort, dedication and commitment, the Italian sports association network, the backbone of the country, has done everything possible to stay close to people , to help children, to be an opportunity for fun, well-being, health and aggregation for adults and the elderly “, underlined Cozzoli.

Covid-19 has accelerated the tech-digitization process by redefining the ways of using the world of sports and its contents. The Company, with the aim of improving the sports eco-system, has worked on the development of the Mysportesalute App. A free, high-tech service open to all components of the world of sport: individuals, associations, sports organizations, professional sports clubs.

Great work also done with schools. Sport and Health, recognizing the fundamental educational value of sport and its importance in schools, especially in this complicated moment, has activated physical education projects for schools of all levels, with a particular focus on primary school. The project supports the school educating community and families through useful contents and activities both in presence and for integrated digital teaching and for the activity to be carried out at home. Tools made available to all primary schools in Italy: I Quaderni di Sport di Classe: a new volume of the didactic guide for primary school; Video-tutorials that illustrate in a few minutes how to best use the content of the publication; Training webinar to deepen the contents of the project; e-mail support from the trainers and authors of the Notebooks for questions and clarifications.

Sport di Classe is the project carried out by Sport e Salute, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, to spread physical education and motor activity in primary school. The project involves: pupils, teachers, school managers and families. The school open to sport project involved around 500 schools and 30 sports federations.

Furthermore, through the projects in the Primary School, a campaign to promote health and well-being oriented towards correct lifestyles has been launched, aimed at promoting balanced growth and psycho-physical harmony of children and at countering the increasing spread among young people. of pathologies related to bad habits, such as a sedentary lifestyle and incorrect nutrition. Then in collaboration with the Miur, also for the year 2020/21, the Students-Athletes project was created, aimed at promoting the reconciliation of school and sports commitments of student-athletes in secondary school.

The Business Plan of the Sport and Health Society also has an international perspective, thanks to the creation in collaboration with CDP Venture Capital Sgr and Startupbootcamp of the first Italian Start-up Accelerator Sport Tech: the 1st Italian Accelerator and one of the most important in Europe Start-up & Innovation Hub on sports and health issues. The development foresees an annual international scouting on over 500 start-ups in the sports and health sectors and the subsequent identification of the best 30 and a further selection up to the 10 most deserving.

Great prominence was then given to the Legend project in which 40 champions of the past joined to promote, through their stories, their passion, sport and the social value of sporting activity. The President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella received the athletes of the Legend project and President Cozzoli at the Quirinale last November. “It was an honor. The Head of State told us clearly how fundamental it is, in the phase we are experiencing, to defend two social pillars: school and sport. Every day we strive to live up to this responsibility”, explained the president and CEO of Sport and Health.

The ‘Sport in the Parks’ project was very important with 1313 participating Municipalities and 1681 applications received. Parco del Foro Italico was the subject of a careful and extensive recovery plan. The entire Parco del Foro Italico was proposed as an open-air gym. Walking, running, oriental disciplines, fitness, wellness and athletics are organized by ASD / SSD daily and free of charge. In addition, in the Grand Stand Arena there was the preparation and opening to the public on 11 December 2020 of the open-air gym, with the possibility of free use for associations and citizens, accessible to people with disabilities, with over 8000 admissions and over 3000 hours of assistance. The national census of sports facilities was also carried out, consisting of 77 thousand facilities.

As part of the activities against covid, in March 2020 Sport e Salute launched the #Sportacasa campaign with the aim of proposing physical exercise activities to everyone to reiterate the importance of exercising by inviting users to safeguard their health and physical fitness even by staying at home. The campaign had 8 million views and 12 million interactions. In June 2020, Sport and Health launched the “Sport is at Home with the Looney Tunes” campaign, in collaboration with Warner Bros. The Warner Bros campaign had excellent performances on both Facebook and Instagram; the launch and card # 5 are the contents that have performed best on all social networks; with 6 million views, 100,000 interactions and 2 million total coverage. The #distantimauniti communication campaign with the sports department also started.

With regard to financing for sport, the 2019 State Budget Law has annually assigned 280 million euros to Sport and Health to ensure their destination, according to the guidelines of the Government Authority competent in matters of sport. The Company has also introduced innovative and objective allocation criteria for the 2020 supplementary contributions deriving from the State Budget Adjustment Law, in order to support the Sports Bodies and, in general, the entire sports system for the resumption of activities. There was then a total amount of € 95 million in supplementary contributions for 2020.

Sport and Health has consolidated and is developing important alliances with Institutions, Associations, Companies, Universities, to strengthen the support and promotion front for sport. Among the signed partnerships, some are of strategic importance: with the Carabinieri for the fight against social hardship; with the Department of the Penitentiary Administration for the improvement of the quality of life of those who work in prison or are detained there; with Elis, to develop integrated models of school-work-education and sport training for young people. Others to mention: Santa Lucia Irccs Foundation. Memorandum of understanding-partnership: Arma dei Carabinieri; Sace; Cdp venture capital; Anci; Infratel; Cip; Santa Lucia Irccs Foundation; Penitentiary Police; Fita; Expo 2020 Dubai.


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