55-year-old woman throws beer can at grocery store staff in Västerås, taken into care by police

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A woman aged 55 is believed to have committed assault when she hurled objects at employees of a grocery store in Västerås last Tuesday morning. One of the staff apparently received a beer can in the face, among other things, before the woman left the store. The store’s staff subsequently contacted the police who dispatched multiple patrols to the area. Soon afterwards, the police discovered the woman in close proximity. She was then taken into custody and dealt with according to “the law on the care of intoxicated persons” (LOB), the police announced on their website.

A 55-year-old woman is suspected of assault after she threw things at staff in a grocery store in Västerås on Tuesday morning. Among other things, one of the staff allegedly had a beer can thrown in his face.

Then the woman left the store.

Store staff alerted the police who sent several patrols. Shortly afterwards, the police found the woman nearby. She was taken into care according to the law on the care of intoxicated persons (LOB), the police write on their website.

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