6-year-old girl dies from COVID-19 Doctors reveal that more and more people are coming back to be infected

Nakhon Ratchasima – 6-year-old girl dies from COVID-19 The doctor revealed that he continued to see more and more infected people. Causing many parents to bring their children to get vaccinated

27 Nov. 2022 – Dr. Jade Bunyawongviroj Assistant Director of Maharaj Hospital Nakhon Ratchasima comes with medical personnel. Pfizer red cap vaccination is available for children aged 6 months to 4 years, orange cap Pfizer aged 5-11 years, and Pfizer purple cap 12 years and older.

Found parents gradually bringing their children to request services. Most of them were injected with 2 needles and bustling booth needles. But there are only 4 service personnel, so it is not enough for the average number of service requests throughout the day, about 600-700 people, causing the process to have to wait quite a long time.

Dr. Chet said that the overall picture of the respiratory disease clinic on a daily basis There are about 200-300 people requesting ATK testing services, most of which are descendants of the elderly, group 608 who are sick. On average, 200 positive cases were found. The doctor assessed the symptoms. If it was a risk group, they would be admitted to the hospital to closely monitor the symptoms. The latest number of patients is 60 beds and 12 need ventilators.

In addition, on November 23, there was a patient who was a 6-year-old girl with a brain disease. Died from COVID While the situation at this time There is a tendency to find continually increasing infections.


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