6000 flights canceled in Beijing, train service stopped: Where is Xi Chin Ping? – Beijing | Beijing Flight Services | China | xi jinping | xi jinping missing | Xi Jinping under house arrest

Beijing – More than 6,000 flights from Beijing Airport were canceled without warning amid rumors that Chinese President Xi Jinping had been ousted in a coup. This will include services to and from Beijing. The reason has not yet been announced.

There are also reports that train services have been suspended in the city. Air and rail traffic in other Chinese cities, including Shanghai, has not been disrupted. Rumors that Xi Chin Ping is under house arrest after the cancellation of the flight service became strong in the social media.

Xi had returned without waiting for the official conclusion of the Shanghai Cooperation Summit in Uzbekistan. Rumors are rife that Xi Jinping has been removed from his position as the head of the Chinese army and placed under house arrest.

English Summary: Beijing Cancels Over 6,000 Domestic, International Flights; Suspends Rail Services


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