63,940 crore cost, six and a half lakh passengers; Full version of K-Rail DPR for MediaOne

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MediaOne has received the full version of the K-Rail DPR. The DPR and the Rapid Environment Study Report were released. The complete DPR consists of six parts. The traffic study report is also an important part of the DPR. The report also includes details and pictures of buildings to be demolished, including churches.

The centralized workshop of K Rail will be set up at Kollam and the testing center at Kasaragod. The project cost is Rs 63,940 crore. Private land worth `6100 crore will also be acquired for the project. The government will spend Rs 4460 crore on compensation alone. Other constructions have been banned within 30 meters of the K rail line. The government has decided to borrow 57 per cent of the project cost. It is learned that the project will be commissioned in 2012. The DPR also contains the final report of the EIA. The environmental impact study was conducted by the Thiruvananthapuram CED. According to the EIA, the economic and social impact of the project will be felt in the report. A detailed study has been done on similar projects in the country and abroad. The project is expected to be commissioned in 2025-26. K Rail service is available from 5 am to 11 pm. The project will be connected to Nedumbassery Airport. It is expected to carry 6.5 lakh passengers. Tourist trains are also planned with public-private partnership. The government intends to use the Konkan model Roro service for truck transport. The DPR states that K Rail will be connected to major cities and industrial centers. Coastal areas were initially considered for the project. The DPR explains that efforts were made to avoid populated areas and places of worship as much as possible and that the straight path was preferred to maintain the intended speed.

Earlier, only the executive summary was released. The full text of the DPR was released on the same day that the EIA was launched in the state. The DPR clarifies how K Rail-adversely affects the environment in the project area. The government had argued that the release of information related to K-Rail would be detrimental to the progress of the project and therefore the details related to the project could not be released. Officials said they could only say which buildings would be demolished once the survey was completed. But the information in the DPR refutes the claims of the government and officials. The DPR also details how much revenue the government can generate through the scheme. Pratibha had earlier demanded that the details of the project be released.

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