665 coins of the V-III century BC return to the archaeological museum of Sibari

Time.news – A group of 665 coins, minted between the 5th and 3rd centuries BC and perfectly preserved, it was returned to the director of the Archaeological Park of Sibari, Filippo Demma, by the commander of the Carabinieri Unit for the Protection of the Cultural Heritage of Cosenza, Captain Bartolo Taglietti. Examples include staters of Crotone, Caulonia and Taranto, Trioboli di Thurium, as well as coins minted in Syracuse and Agrigento. On the same occasion, jewelry was delivered, in particular bracelets and rings, and various spearheads.

The release of the weapon

“This return – explains a note from the Arma – represents an important success in the context of the activity of contrasting the clandestine market of archaeological goods sold through multimedia platforms, which, never as now, provide admirers with a powerful tool to take possession of precious finds illegally stolen from the community “.

Investigation coordinated by the prosecutors of Rome and Velletri

The operation is the result of the investigation activities coordinated by the Public Prosecutors of Rome and Velletri, the results of which have been fully accepted and confirmed by the respective courts which, with their confiscation and restitution sentences, have favored the return of the archaeological finds to the availability of the State. The goods will be exhibited in the Calabrian museum as soon as possible to ensure the widest usability by users with a view to increasing their value.



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