7.50 cm sewing needle stabbed in the neck: Coimbatore government doctors save woman’s life | Coimbatore government doctors removed a 7.50 cm sewing needle from a woman’s neck and saved her life

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Of the woman Around the neck Pierced 7.50 cm. Safely remove the long sewing needle and save his life Government of Coimbatore Hospital doctors have saved.

A 19-year-old girl from Thiyagaraya, Coimbatore, attempted suicide and had her neck amputated on November 2. Government of Coimbatore He was admitted to the emergency department of the hospital. The doctors who examined him, Around the neck First aid was given because there were external injuries. For the woman, who suffered from persistent pain, a CT scan was taken.

It measures 7.50 cm near the main blood vessel to the brain, in the cervical spine. Elongated Sewing needle Was found to be. Then, in consultation with ear, nose and throat surgeons, brain and spinal surgeons, vascular surgeons, and anesthesiologists, they decided to perform the surgery.

The needle was surgically removed with the help of a modern C-arm X-ray device to secure the needle.

Nirmala, the dean of the hospital, said, “When I asked the woman about the injection, she gave me the needle. Around the neck Admitted to being stabbed. Long Sewing needle Around the neck Stabbed, fortunately of that woman Around the neck The major nerves are not affected.

The decision was made in consultation with specialized surgeons as the needle was located close to a blood vessel leading to the brain, making the operation very challenging and life-threatening for the patient. Then, the needle was surgically removed precisely.

The blood vessel and spinal nerves leading to the brain were not affected during the surgery. The patient is fine after the treatment. “

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