7 reasons to start the day with water instead of coffee

What’s the first thing you ingest in a day? Chances are your answer is ‘a cup of coffee’. You don’t have to stop with that either, but maybe it’s smart to drink a large glass of water before that.

Water is a good start to the day. Walk from your bed directly to the tap and fill a large glass completely. Tap this back and your first healthy act of the day is immediately a fact. Then you can just go back to your normal schedule, such as a cup of coffee.

Why not instant coffee?

Earlier we learned the wise lesson not to start with coffee through psychologist and sleep expert Michael Breus. “Every night we lose almost a liter of fluid, which is why we wake up dehydrated. For many people, coffee is the first liquid they consume again, while this is diuretic.”

Not all that disastrous, but starting the day with water instead of coffee is a small effort and simply healthier. Read in advance what the best time is to drink your first cup.

Why you should start the day with a glass of water

But why a big glass of water first? Well, simply because it has several health benefits. Many people drink too little and that is a bad thing. Not only because it helps you stay healthy, but also because it can help you lose weight or have a bowel movement. By the way, lukewarm water is best.

1. Water Helps Improve Your Metabolism

Several studies have shown that water can play an important role in improving your metabolism. According to this research in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, even up to 30%. Drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach helps digestion. This way you give your body a good start and it also helps with weight loss.

2. Reducing Heartburn Symptoms

If you suffer from heartburn, it is important to drink enough water. This can cause the pH to return to neutral. This means that it is less acidic and that you have less of a burning sensation. Especially when you have just woken up, it is good to drink water immediately, because your last glass of liquid has been over a while.

3. Beat Kidney Stones With Water

Kidney stones are absolutely no fun. That is why you would do well to do everything you could to prevent this. Water plays an important role in this. Drinking plenty of fluids dilutes the harmful substances in your urine that can cause kidney stones. Your urine is an important indicator of this. It should be as clear and odorless as possible. By starting the day with a glass of water, you take a big step towards that goal. Of course, water in the morning is not a panacea either. Some people are also just more prone to kidney stones.

4. Water For Headaches

If you regularly suffer from headaches, it is probably because you drink too little or don’t drink regularly. Dehydration causes headaches. This is annoying and bad for you. That’s why it’s best to avoid this. Drinking water regularly helps. Start the day well and without a headache by drinking a glass of water instead of coffee immediately after getting up.

5. Rinse your body clean

You probably hear more often that it is important to detox your body. Just clean it up completely. According to many scientists, this is nonsense. Your body doesn’t need help with that. Your kidneys and liver can keep your body clean on its own. However, they do need your help. You need water to remove the waste. The whole day long. Also in the morning, so start the day with a glass of water so your kidneys and liver can keep your body clean.

6. Water helps promote bowel movements

All organs work best when you are well hydrated. The same goes for your gut. If you suffer from constipation, it is probably due to a dehydrated rectum. As a result, it does not work optimally and you will notice that when you sit on the toilet. So drink a glass of water before you have your coffee.

7. Prevent Bad Breath

Stinky breath is the biggest turn-off for many women (and men). That is annoying, because many men suffer from it. One of the main reasons why your mouth sometimes smells bad is a lack of fluids. Especially in the morning, when you haven’t had anything to drink for a long time, you can suffer from this. Brushing your teeth will make everything fresh again, but if you don’t drink enough, the smell will quickly return. So start the day with a glass of water. Coffee will come while you work. Then you really ‘need’ it.

How much water should you drink?

A large glass of water at the start of the day is just the beginning. To keep your body healthy you have to drink all day long, but how much exactly? The answer to that question can be found here.

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7 reasons to start the day with water instead of coffee


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