7 things to keep in mind while backing up your smartphone – Open Media

7 things to keep in mind while backing up your smartphone – Open Media

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A smartphone is no longer just a communication device, it contains a lot of our data including banking details, photos and videos, and this makes regular phone backups crucial.

Here are 7 things about smartphone backup that you should keep in mind, according to the “Gadgets Now” website:

Enable automatic cloud backup on your phone

Both Android and iOS devices offer built-in cloud-based backup features. Android is based on Google Drive, while Apple includes iCloud backup. Also, these devices come with an automatic backup option that can be scheduled as per the requirements of the users.

Back up your account passwords

While most people focus on backing up their device data, taking regular backups of account passwords via a password manager is also important. This will come in handy in many situations, like forgetting your Gmail password.

Take offline backups regularly

While cloud backup is easy and simple, having an offline backup every once in a while is also important. You can use any external drive to back up all your data on it and keep it safe. Some external drives also offer a built-in backup and PIN or password protection solution for added security.

Back up your photos and videos

It is true that photos and videos take up a lot of storage space, especially if you rely on cloud storage services such as Google Photos and Drive, but they are among the most important data on our smartphones and can be properly backed up to save you from losing them.

Export your contacts and store them offline

Every smartphone allows the option to export the entire contact list in vcf format. This format is supported on all modern as well as old devices. This means that you can use this file to restore your data to any smartphone without the need to connect to the internet.

Secure backup with a PIN or password

Another important factor to consider is maintaining the security of your backed up data. If you rely on cloud backup, make sure you have two-factor authentication or encryption turned on. If you store them locally on a hard drive or PC, make sure they are kept secure, encrypted, and password or PIN protected.

Backup data from instant messaging platforms

Almost all instant messaging platforms come with their own backup solution. Make sure to turn on automatic backup on it to prevent any data loss.


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