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The open source compression tool 7-Zip 22 was released last week. In addition to decompressing Apple’s APFS image files, the new version also adds support for the Windows security feature Zone.Id (below). The latest 7-Zip 22 supports 32/64-bit Windows, and also supports Arm64-based Windows, and the file size is only 1.5MB at most.

The full name of Zone.Id is Zone Identifier. It is a security feature designed by Microsoft for IE in 2013. It will mark those files downloaded by users from the Internet, and pop out a warning when the user is ready to open it, so as to avoid the system Execute malicious programs. In fact, Microsoft did not officially name the feature, and many people directly called it “Mark of the Web”.

Either Windows or Office will pop up a warning when opening content marked with Zone.Id, and when Office detects Zone.Id content, it will enable “Protected View” mode to close the set and read-only.

According to “BleepingComputer”, 7-Zip has never supported Zone.Id, despite constant requests from security researchers. Program author Igor Pavlov once said that he did not like this feature, claiming that it brings additional benefits to 7-Zip. burden.

This means that even if the ZIP file downloaded by the user has the Zone.Id mark, it will lose the mark after being decompressed by 7-Zip, and the system and program will not be able to determine the origin of the file and will not be able to issue a warning.

However, Pavlov finally added this feature in 7-Zip 22. It appears in the tool’s options. You can see a function to propagate Zone.Id Stream (Propagate Zone.Id Stream), just click Yes or For Office files It can be enabled, and if the file downloaded from the Internet is decompressed by 7-Zip 22 in the future, its Zone.Id tag will be spread to the decompressed file for the system to recognize.


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