70-year-olds were attacked in Makhtazeit for no reason | The chairman of the lobby for the fight against police violence demands an urgent discussion | watch

Yesterday, Makhtaz Zeit documented police violently and illegally harming elderly people, around 70 years old, in Jerusalem without them being involved in any disorder. Following the incident, the chairman of the lobby to combat police violence, MK Uri Makalev, demands that the Internal Security Committee convene for an urgent discussion.

In a joint letter with Mossi Raz to the chairman of the committee, Merav Ben Ari, it is written: “We are contacting you urgently following disturbing documentation revealed by the Bar Shem Or channel reporter in which a driver from Makhta Zeit can be seen directly spraying two 70-year-old adults for no wrongdoing.”

A couple of adults who are not connected to the demonstration in any way walked instead and entered a gas station when a police unit spotted them when they were alone without any protesters around them and fired at them in a direct line-up. They were knocked to the floor and miraculously were not seriously injured. Anyone who sees the footage understands how serious the offenses are. Passed by the driver and whoever directs him.

As recalled in the discussion that took place here in the committee last June, the police officials said that there was a proportional use, not in an urban environment, only towards rioters and more. Nothing of what was said happened here, the complete opposite.

We call on you, despite the election break, to hold an immediate committee discussion on each of these cases and on the cases of police violence that arise again and again from the field. The fight against police violence is not political and unites right and left, coalition and opposition alike.”

Shay Glick, CEO of Betselmo The representative of the couple who was harmed by the police said: “I welcome the lobby’s appeal and hope that the committee will indeed discuss this as soon as possible. Police violence is a very serious and severe violation of human rights. We intend to act to bring the violent policemen to justice.”


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