8-year-old child knocked down during an urban rodeo in Beauvais: a biker judged this Wednesday

8-year-old child knocked down during an urban rodeo in Beauvais: a biker judged this Wednesday

2023-05-31 04:27:51

A 20-year-old man will be tried in immediate appearance on Wednesday, he is suspected of having seriously injured eight-year-old child by hitting him on a motorcycle in Beauvais (Oise) this weekend, the prosecution announced on Tuesday. The mayor, Franck Pia, had denounced a “wild rodeo” with “dramatic” consequences.

Sunday, around 8 p.m., “two unapproved motorcycles were traveling at high speed” in the Argentine district when they saw a police car, explained the prosecutor of the Republic of Beauvais, Caroline Tharot, in a press release Tuesday evening. . One of the pilots then “took a pedestrian lane separated from the traffic lane by studs, in order to prohibit the passage of vehicles” and “hit an eight-year-old boy on this lane, seriously injuring him”, details- she.

Taken to the hospital, the little boy was given 30 days of ITT (total incapacity for work), “subject to subsequent complications”, according to the prosecutor.

In pre-trial detention until trial

The respondent, “almost 21 years old”, was “held on the spot by the father” of the child and arrested on the spot, she specifies. He will be judged in immediate appearance Wednesday at 2 p.m. for “involuntary injuries with incapacity not exceeding 3 months by driver of a land motor vehicle and manifestly deliberate violation of an obligation of safety or prudence”.

He is charged with other offenses, in particular driving “without insurance” and acts of “rebellion”, for having struggled during his arrest. Pending this hearing, the man was remanded in custody.

On Monday, the mayor of the city had deplored the accident on social networks, evoking a “wild rodeo” with serious consequences. He said he was “ulcerated by such irresponsible behavior, which puts lives in danger” and “tipped a family into horror”. Franck Pia also asks for “a firm response from justice”, he explained to the Parisian: “I want a strong conviction because it is necessary that the sanction be equal to the fault. There, we are not talking about nuisance, it is about the life of a child. “The city councilor plans to meet the prefect of Oise on this subject.

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