82-Year-Old Woman Dangles Upside Down! Falling Off 19th Floor Balcony; video goes viral | Viral Video: 82 year old grandmother falling from 19th floor balcony! Video viral

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Viral video: Many things that are unexpectedly recorded on camera, are surprising. One such video has just come out of China. A grandmother accidentally falls from the 19th floor of a building in eastern China. But this visual video goes viral as a witness to his survival.

An 82-year-old woman can be seen hanging upside down from a clothes rack in a viral video on social media. The clothes drying rack, Grandma hangs upside down on the rack to prevent Grandma from falling down.

The South China Morning Post reported. He slipped and fell from the 19th floor balcony of his apartment in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, southern China. He survived because he was stuck in clothes.

In this viral video, both legs of the woman are hanging on the clothes rack of the balcony on the 18th floor. The body can be seen hanging on the 17th floor.

Firefighters rushed to the scene and rescued the grandmother. Rescue crews were trying to rescue him from the 18th and 17th floors.

Attempts by firefighters to secure the ropes were successful. Staff on the 18th floor pulled the elderly man up, while Rescue Team on the 17th floor lifted the grandmother. It is noteworthy that the grandmother was eventually successfully rescued safely and he was not injured.

An inquest into the incident confirmed that the woman had slipped and fallen while injuring a cloth on the balcony rope. This video has gone viral on the internet. People praised the firefighters who saved Grandma. “The amazing work of firefighters” is the only essence of many records.

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