8th of March. The EU warns, the pandemic has exacerbated existing disparities

Time.news – The pandemic has exacerbated the existing disparities between women and men in almost all areas of life, both in Europe and in the rest of the world, marking a retreat from the strenuous achievements of the past. This is what emerges from the European Commission’s 2021 report on gender equality in the EU, published in view of International Women’s Day.

“At the same time, gender equality has never been more important on the EU political agenda and the Commission has lavished it a great commitment to implement the strategy for gender equality adopted a year ago “, declares the Commission. To better monitor and take stock of the progress made in each of the 27 Member States, the Commission today also inaugurates a portal for monitoring the strategy for gender equality.

“Women are at the forefront of the pandemic and are most affected by it. We cannot allow a retreat, we must continue to promote equity and equality. This is why the EU has placed women at the center of the recovery and obliged Member States to include the gender equality dimension in investments funded by the device for recovery and resilience“, confirms Vera Jourová, vice president of the Commission with responsibility for Values ​​and transparency.

“Despite the disproportionate impact of the Covid-19 crisis on women’s lives, we must turn this situation into an opportunity. We are determined to step up our commitment, to continue to make progress and not to allow any setbacks with respect to all the progress made in the field of gender equality, “insisted Helena Dalli, Commissioner for Equality.



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