9 points and 6 assists for Abdia, Washington surrendered to Toronto

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The Washington Wizards once again came out undefeated in a home game, but Danny Abdia continued the trend of personal improvement recently when he started in the top five in the absence of Kyle Kozma tonight (Friday-Saturday). The Israeli provided 9 points, 6 assists and 5 rebounds in a 109: 105 loss to Toronto. Also, James Harden was passionate with Brooklyn’s 102: 117 triple-double over San Antonio, while Milwaukee and Yannis Antocompo beat Chicago 90-94 and Joel Ambide’s 40 points were not enough for Philadelphia.

Washington (23:23) – Toronto (21:22) 109: 105: After scoring 13 points against Brooklyn in the previous game, Abdia, who started in the top five and recorded 31 minutes on the floor, finished with 9 points, 6 assists and 5 rebounds and was also a partner in a 7:25 run that erased an 18-point deficit for the Visers, however it Was not enough in the end. Bradley Bill was the host’s leading scorer with 25 points, Spencer Dinwidi scored 17. On the other hand, Scotty Barnes was passionate with 27 points and Fred Van and Lit scored 21.

After 20:30 for the Wizards in the first quarter, for the break Toronto went down with 54:55. The guest’s gap widened in the third quarter with 23:26 left, but the drama came in the final minutes. The same Wizards run equalized 102 with one minute and 10 seconds left, but Van Wallit and Pascal Siakam closed out a story.

Milwaukee (19:29) – Chicago (16:28) 90:94: Yannis Antocompo led the celebration with 30 points and 12 rebounds, while Damar Drusen’s 35 points were not enough for the Bulls. After 20:24 to the Bucks in the first quarter, they went down to the locker rooms with a small 44:45. Chicago managed to turn in the third quarter thanks to 23:25 and the close game continued into the decisive quarter as well, where Milwaukee recorded a dramatic 21:26 that was enough for them.

Orlando (39: 8) – Los Angeles Lakers (23:23) 116: 105: LeBron James starred with 29 points, Russell Westbrook added an 18-point double and 11 rebounds, while Jaylen Sags was the Magic’s leading scorer with 22 points of his own. Orlando took the lead in the first two quarters and went down to the break with a 54:62 advantage, but then the visitors’ awakening began: 16:31 in the third quarter and another 27:31 in the last set for the Lakers.

San Antonio (29:17) – Brooklyn (16:29) 117: 102: James Harden fired as usual with a big triple-double of 37 points, 11 assists and 10 rebounds, added to another 24 points by Kyrie Irving in celebration. On the other hand, Jonata Marie scored 25. After 24:26 in the first quarter and 50:51 in the half to the credit of the Spurs, the Nets woke up and completed 23:29 in the third quarter and another 28:38 in the last on the way to victory by a double-digit gap.

Kevin Durant and James Harden (Reuters)

Utah (16:30) – Detroit (34:11) 101: 111: Rudy Guber led the Jazz with 24 points, while Bojan Bogdanovic provided 23. On the other hand, 25 points for Cade Cunningham were not enough for one of the weakest teams this season in the league. Utah recorded 26:27 in the first quarter and 52:60 in the half. The Pistons tried to come back but at the start of the decisive quarter the result was 82:87 for the host, who won 19:24 last time and celebrated another victory, 30 in number.

Denver (21:23) – Memphis (16:32) 122: 118: The Grizzlies went on to celebrate and enjoyed a performance by Ja Morant who scored 38 points. On the other hand, 27 points for Will Barton and 26 for Nikola Jukic. After 28:37 for the visitors in the first quarter, she went down to the break with 63:68. The trend continued in the second half as well, but in the last minutes there was drama as the Nuggets approached and managed to shrink to four points, but not beyond that.

Boston (24:23) – Portland (26:19) 109: 105: Joseph Norkich led the Blazers with 29 points, CJ McCollum assisted with 24 of his own and Jason Taitum (27 points) and Jaylen Brown (22) continued to be the Celtics’ execs, but this time It ended in a loss. Portland finished the first quarter with 25:30, but for the break fell 58:54 behind. The fickle battle continued and in the last quarter the guest came in with a small 82:83. In the final minutes Portland showed character and managed to record a not-so-simple away win.

Philadelphia (19:26) – Los Angeles Clippers (24:23) 102: 101: A close and fascinating game in Philly. Joel Ambid, who if not he, shone to the host with 40 points and another 13 rebounds, but despite this his teammates failed to maintain the advantage they held for three quarters and with a record difference of 24 points. Tobias Harris followed him on the 20-point scoring list. On the other hand, the winner’s leading scorer was Reggie Jackson with 19 of his own including the canals in Money Time. After 40:54 to Philly in the half and 70:80 at the end of the third quarter, the team’s dramatic and revolutionary final quarter came from LA. A 21:32 run set a turnaround and victory for the Clippers.

Atlanta (25:20) – Miami (17:29) 108: 110: Trey Young starred as usual with 28 points, if Adbaio was the leading scorer on the other side with 21 and the Hawks improved the balance. Atlanta went down to the half with a 51:60 advantage and knew how to keep it, when it entered the decisive quarter with 74:88. Despite Miami’s 22:34 in the final quarter and a gap of just a point in the final minute, the hosts maintained their narrow victory.

Charlotte (20:26) – Oklahoma (31:14) 98: 121: Terry Rosier was the Hornets’ leading scorer with 24 points, while 29 points from Shea Gillgos Alexander on the other hand were not enough. Charlotte opened with a storm and recorded a big 20:37 in the first quarter and for the break went down with 52:69. The Thunder tried to minimize damage, but in fact did not actually threaten the lead of the host who sailed for another victory.

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