9 points for loss in loss, Philly and Harden already in 4 in a row

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Danny Abdia (Reuters)

The NBA League long after the All-Star break and a little over a month and a half the regular season will end, and meanwhile tonight we got some interesting games. Danny Abdia’s Washington lost at home to Atlanta in a game in which the Israeli scored 9 points, Philadelphia and Harden continue to win, this time with a comeback over Cleveland, Milwaukee showed Chicago that the East is still hers, New Orleans humiliated Utah, and Minnesota also crushed Oklahoma City, Orlando and surprised Defeated Indiana.

Washington – Atlanta 117: 114

The Wizards were very close to forcing overtime even though it was a game in which they did not lead even for a single moment and trailed by a record of 14 points, but Kyle Kozma missed three of the half right with the buzzer and his team continues to look on the road for a season without even a play-in. Danny Abdia rose from the bench for 22 and a half minutes and provided 9 points on 3 of 4 of the three alongside three rebounds, three assists and one block, while Cantabius Caldwell Pop led the Wizarda with 28 points and Kozma scored 22. Trey Young settled for 25 points on 25 percent Threats (6-off) On the other side, Diandra Hunter led the Hawks with 26 points.

Philadelphia – Cleveland 119: 125

The Sixers continue to look good with James Harden and this time they recorded a fourth straight win since arriving in a game in which they came back from a 21-point deficit to win. The Sixers bit the difference and managed to turn around just before the end of the third quarter. By the middle of the fourth quarter they had already gone up to 6 points and kept the gap until the end. Harden scored 25 points and handed out 11 assists and Joel Ambide scored 22 and dropped 9 rebounds, but the one who led the Sixers was Tire Maxi, with a great second half and 33 points. Darius Garland led the Cubs with 26 points and 19 assists.

Chicago – Milwaukee 118: 112

The Bucks may not be recording a great season like the previous one but they are still NBA champions, and tonight they mentioned it to the Bulls as they climbed over the team from Chicago to third place in the East. Milwaukee, who led throughout the bulk of the first three quarters, trailed by 8 points early in the fourth quarter but managed to come back thanks to an excellent game from Yannis Antocompo, who finished with 34 points, 16 rebounds and 5 assists. Jero Holiday assisted with 26 points and Chris Middleton added 22 and the Bucks overcame Zack Lavin’s 30 points and Damar Druzen’s 29.

Additional results:

Denver – Houston 101: 116
New Orleans – Utah 90: 124
Oklahoma City – Minnesota 138: 101
Toronto – Orlando 103: 97
Detroit – Indiana 106: 111


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