90 days of Putin’s Ukraine war: snapshot

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90 days of Putin’s Ukraine war: snapshot

The German economy minister said the EU was close to finally agreeing on a ban on Russian oil imports with the entry of the war in Ukraine into the fourth month. German Economy Minister Robert Hubbeck said the EU was likely to “reach a breakthrough” in banning Russian oil imports “within days”.

Many EU countries are largely dependent on Russian oil. The 27-member bloc failed to reach a consensus on the embargo, largely because of Hungary’s opposition. “EU member states have different levels of dependence on Russian oil,” Dust told German channel ZDF. “Hungary simply has a different connection to Russia,” he said, adding that the EU should take Hungary’s position into account.

Britain’s Transport Minister Grant Schaps said Britain was in talks with Ukraine on how to remove grain from the country after Russia’s naval blockade of its Black Sea ports. World food prices rose dramatically when Ukraine failed to export 25 million tons of grain. “There are a lot of different potential ways to get grain and other goods out of Ukraine,” Schaps told Sky News. “It is absolutely essential that we do this, otherwise there may be a lot of hunger in the world.”

Outgoing Philippine President Duterte criticizes Putin’s war on Ukraine. Outgoing Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has criticized Russian leader Vladimir Putin following the deaths of tens of thousands of Ukrainian citizens, noting that both he and the Russian leader were called murderers, after Duterte executed drug dealers, he said: “I killed criminals, I do not kill children And the elderly. “

Duterte had previously publicly called Putin a ‘friend’, changing the tone. It was the first time he had blamed Putin for rising global food prices that have hit hard in many countries, including the Philippines. The outgoing president has said he does not condemn Putin but does not agree to call the invasion of Ukraine a “special military operation”, when it is in fact a war on a “sovereign nation”. He called on Putin and the Russian embassy in Manila – Philippines to stop bombing civilians in Ukraine and allow Ukrainian citizens to evacuate safely. “I’m on my way out (from the presidency) and I do not know how to solve the problem,” Duterte said. He will leave office on June 30. He added: “We need to resolve the war between Ukraine and Russia before we can even talk about a return to routine.”

Russia closes on Luhansk: “Russia has stepped up the intensity of its operations in the Donbas when it seeks to encircle Svrodonitsk, Lishansk and Rubazhna,” the British Ministry of Defense tweeted in its latest intelligence update. At the same time, UK officials noted: “We see strong Ukrainian resistance with forces seizing well-dug defensive positions.”

President Biden: “The Ukraine War is a dark hour in our common history.” During a summit with leaders from Japan, Australia and India, US President Joe Biden said they were in a “dark hour in our common history” while Russia was waging war against Ukraine. He urged leaders to act to stop the war.

“It’s more than just a European issue. It’s a global issue,” Biden said. He added that the war was “a humanitarian catastrophe and innocent civilians were killed in the streets and millions of displaced refugees”. Unlike other US allies, India did not impose sanctions on Russia, nor did it condemn Russian actions in Ukraine. Russia is the largest supplier of equipment to the Indian army. According to reports, the White House was disappointed by the Indian silence on the war.

A former Russian diplomat describes the atmosphere of battle in the Russian Foreign Ministry. Boris Bondarev, who until Monday was listed as the UN adviser on Russia’s mission in Geneva, warned that his Russian counterparts “are becoming nonchalant when considering the use of nuclear weapons.”

“They think that if you hit a village in America with a nuclear attack, then the Americans will immediately be scared and run to beg for mercy on their knees,” Bondarev told the New York Times. “This is what many of our people think, and I’m afraid this is the line they are crossing with to Moscow,” he added. Bondarev’s work in Switzerland focused mainly on arms control and disarmament.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said Moscow will focus on developing ties with Beijing instead of repairing relations with the West. Lavrov claimed that the West had demonstrated “rosphobia” since Russia started the war with Ukraine. “If the West wants to offer something in terms of renewal of relations, then we will seriously consider whether we need it or not,” Lavrov said, according to the Russian Foreign Ministry website.

“We must stop being dependent in any way on the supply of anything from the West to ensure the development of extremely important sectors for security, the economy or the social sphere of our homeland,” he said.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zalansky spoke in his regular nightly video speech about what could be one of the deadliest attacks of the war. He said the Russian bombing last week on the town of Desna, 55 kilometers north of Kiev, resulted in 87 deaths. Zalansky said Russia was waging a “total war” on his country, claiming that Russian forces had attacked Ukraine with missiles 1,474 times since the February 24 invasion, using 2,275 different missiles. According to the Ukrainian leader, most of these attacks have hit civilian targets.

After a trial that lasted only four days, a court in Ukraine sentenced a Russian soldier to life in prison for the murder of an unarmed Ukrainian citizen. This is the first trial in Ukraine of war crimes. Defendant pleaded guilty on opening day, his lawyer given by Ukraine claimed the soldier said he was just following orders.

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