90 services released online for those who have access to MY INSS

90 services released online for those who have access to MY INSS

90 services released online for those who have access to MEU INSS Several services related to International Social Security Agreements are now performed by Meu INSS (website and mobile application) and telephone 135. In addition, other services such as the Artisanal Fisherman Unemployment Insurance and Validation of the Optional Low Income Program are also now carried out without the need for citizens to leave their homes.

In all, 90 INSS services will be able to be done remotely. The monthly average of calls for these services at the branches was more than 700 thousand. With the complete digitization of its services, the INSS is the first agency of the Federal Government with all digital services.

Out there

Currently, there are 17 international agreements. They guarantee the counting of contribution time and social security coverage to policyholders both in Brazil and in the agreeing country.

In the countries covered by the agreements, the initial application is made directly to the country’s liaison agency, which is generally the INSS correspondent abroad. The progress of the application, however, can be monitored by My INSS, which makes life easier for policyholders outside the country, as the telephone number 135 only has national coverage.

In Brazil, it will no longer be necessary to schedule an appointment to request the services of International Agreements. Just access My INSS or call 135 and the insured person will only go to the agency if documentation is required.

In all, 19 services related to International Agreements will now be carried out via the internet and telephone, such as the request for a Temporary Displacement Certificate: a document that companies must obligatorily provide to workers who go to work in a country with which Brazil maintains an agreement. social security.

Digital Transformation

Since May, various services have been carried out by Meu INSS and 135, such as appeal, review, change of agency, requesting payment not received, retirement, aid, pensions.

Another important launch was the Retirement by Age Calculator, which calculates how long it takes to retire, simulates the initial income, and shows whether the insured person is actually entitled to the benefit.

And now, in addition to the International Agreements services, other services have also been made available by the Meu INSS and telephone, such as the Artisanal Fisherman’s Unemployment Insurance, a benefit granted to fishermen during the closed season (species reproduction).

The INSS Digital Transformation project has among its partners Dataprev, responsible for providing the necessary technology and applying intelligence in processes to achieve objectives, including improving the provision of public services to Social Security policyholders. The INSS is currently linked to the Ministry of Economy, one of the bodies in charge of the Digital Transformation of the Federal Government.


Meu INSS is accessed via the internet (gov.br/meuinss) or via the mobile application. Registration can be done through Meu INSS or through the websites of the banks: Banco do Brasil, Banrisul, Bradesco, Caixa, Itaú, Mercantil do Brasil, Santander, Sicoob and Sicredi.

Telephone 135 is available from Monday to Saturday, from 7 am to 10 pm.

Check below the list of 90 services now available through My INSS and telephone 135:

  1. Retirement by Urban Age
  2. Urban Maternity Salary
  3. Continuous Beating Calculation/MDS – Decree 9462/2018
  4. Scheduling and Order Inquiries
  5. Social Security Statement (CNIS)
  6. Benefit Payment Statement (HISCRE)
  7. Payroll Loan Extract
  8. Statement for Income Tax (IR)
  9. Benefit Concession Letter
  10. Scheduling of Medical Expertise
  11. Declaration of Benefit – Appears/Nothing Appears
  12. See Benefit Review – Article 29
  13. Declaration of Regularity of the Individual Taxpayer Situation – DRSCI
  14. Change Basic Contact Information
  15. Result of Medical Expertise
  16. Resource
  17. Disability Benefit Appeal
  18. Revision
  19. Copy of Process
  20. Resource – Defense Insurance
  21. Cessation of Death Benefit
  22. Register Statement of Imprisonment/Detention
  23. Register or Renew Legal Representative
  24. Change of Payment Method
  25. Reactivate Benefit
  26. Update of Dependents for Income Tax
  27. Updating Beneficiary Registration Data
  28. Benefit Waiver
  29. Request Amount not Received by the Beneficiary’s Death Date
  30. Register or Update Dependents for Family Allowance
  31. Suspend the Assistance Benefit for Persons with Disabilities for Inclusion in the Labor Market
  32. Request Benefit Payment Not Received
  33. Blocking/Unblocking the Loan Benefit
  34. Reactivate Suspended Assistance Benefit due to Inclusion in the Labor Market
  35. Transfer Benefit to Another Social Security Agency
  36. Register or Renew Power of Attorney
  37. Update of Income Tax for Declaration of Definitive Exit of the Country
  38. Certificate of Non-existence of Dependents Eligible for Death Pension
  39. Income Tax Data Update – Dirf Rectification
  40. Certificate for Pis/Pasep/Fgts Withdrawal
  41. Exclusion of Associative/Union Monthly Discount in Social Security Benefit
  42. Request for Exclusion of Consigned Loan
  43. Register Alimony
  44. Retirement by Rural Age
  45. Retirement by time of contribution
  46. Rural Seclusion Aid
  47. Urban Seclusion Allowance
  48. Assistance Benefit for the Elderly
  49. Assistance Benefit for Persons with Disabilities
  50. Contribution Time Certificate
  51. savings
  52. Pension for Rural Death
  53. Pension for Urban Death.
  54. Rural Maternity Salary
  55. Retirement of Persons with Disabilities by Contribution Time
  56. Retirement of Persons with Disabilities by Age
  57. Assistance Benefit for Independent Port Workers
  58. Assistance Benefit for People with Disabilities – Microcephaly
  59. Pregnant Aeronaut – Sickness Allowance
  60. Balance on screen (time or benefit amount)
  61. Age Retirement Calculator
  62. Contribution Time Retirement Calculator
  63. International Agreement – Retirement by Rural Age
  64. International Agreement – Retirement by Urban Age
  65. International Agreement – Retirement by Contribution Time
  66. International Agreement – Life Certificate Update
  67. International Agreement – Update of Registration and/or Banking Data
  68. International Agreement – Update of Income Tax Data
  69. International Agreement – Exclusive Benefit of the Agreeing Country
  70. International Agreement – Initial Temporary Displacement Certificate
  71. International Agreement – Certificate of Extension of Temporary Displacement
  72. International Agreement – Insurance History in the Agreeing Country
  73. International Agreement – Pension for Rural Death
  74. International Agreement – Pension for Urban Death
  75. International Agreement – Benefit Reactivation
  76. International Agreement – Appeal
  77. International Agreement – Settlement of Late Payments
  78. International Agreement – Rectification of Temporary Displacement
  79. International Agreement – Review
  80. International Agreement – Maternity Salary
  81. International Agreement – Transfer of Benefit in Maintenance
  82. Contribution Calculation in Delay, Issuance and/or GPS Calculation
  83. Cat, 25% increase, Exemption from Tax and Accident Assistance
  84. Enrollment With Social Security
  85. Appointment or Reschedule of Medical Expertise
  86. Reissue Installments – Closed Insurance
  87. Request for Advance Payment of the Revision of Art. 29
  88. Closed Insurance – Artisanal Fisherman
  89. Low Income Optional Validation
  90. Updating Registration Data,


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