A 51-year-old woman who went overseas to see her 37-year-old boyfriend; Rescue of a dead body on the beach

Planza Arellana is from Mexico. The 51-year-old fell in love with 37-year-old John Pablo from Peru on an online dating app. As the two have been dating for the past few months, at the end of July, she told her relatives that she is going to Lima, Peru. She also said that she is going to meet John Pablo, who she was in love with there.

Traveled 3000 miles to the coastal town of Huazo where John Pablo stayed. Even in her last phone call to her cousin, Plansa said she was happy because of the online relationship.

As days passed by and there was no call from him after November 7th, there was concern as to what had happened to Plansa. Meanwhile, Plansa’s plea for help on Twitter shocked her family. His relatives tried various ways to rescue Plansa.

The Peruvian police started an investigation after learning about this. A woman’s severed finger was found on Huaso Beach on November 10. There is also a silver ring on the finger.

The next day, the body was found on the same beach without any internal organs. And they found that the deceased was Plansa with the ring on her finger.

John Pablo was subsequently arrested in an organ trafficking case. It turns out that Pablo is a medical student. Two days after Plansa’s death, he posted human organs on his Tik Tok post. His house was also found with drops of blood all over it.


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