A 54-year-old man murdered in an esoteric ritual in Madrid | Madrid

A 54-year-old man murdered in an esoteric ritual in Madrid |  Madrid
Facade of the building in which the crime with esoteric overtones has taken place.

A 54-year-old man was found dead this morning at his home in the Puente de Vallecas district of Madrid in a murder allegedly committed during an esoteric ritual. Upon arriving at the house, a 34-year-old man opened the door for the agents, who found the victim lifeless and with several screwdrivers stuck throughout his body. The house was very messy and there were several religious and esoteric books lying on the floor. The Summa health workers could not do anything to revive him because he was already dead when he arrived. The man who opened the door and who also lived at the home has been arrested as the alleged perpetrator of the crime.

Around half past seven in the morning, the residents of the property located on Salvador Martínez Lozano street in Madrid have called the police and have alerted them to noises and shouts coming from the house where the two men lived, of whom they have not yet It can be confirmed that they are a couple. When the police arrived, they found the victim already lifeless lying on the ground. The deceased was a 54-year-old Spanish man and the detainee is a 34-year-old Argentine.

After the first visual inspection, police sources indicate that the esoteric background could be behind this crime, due to the numerous esoteric and also religious elements, such as a Bible lying on the floor, that was in the house. The first testimonies collected from the neighbors also speak of the fact that the two men had previously staged fights and altercations. The researchers still cannot confirm what kind of relationship there was between them, although several of these testimonies claim that they were a couple.

At the scene of the crime is the Homicide Group V of the Higher Headquarters of the National Police and also members of the Scientific Police collecting evidence and testimonies to clarify what happened. In the next few hours, the autopsy of the corpse will be carried out to try to clarify what his last minutes of life were like. This is the seventh homicide this year in the Community of Madrid.

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