“A beautiful brown gradient on the temples”: the in-depth analysis of the most beautiful mullet cuts of the World Cup

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2023-09-19 12:47:47

If you’ve watched at least one Rugby World Cup match, you probably won’t have missed this. The mullet is back, and in force. If the Australians are the pioneers in this area, mullets are growing almost everywhere in the selections.

“It fits well with rugby’s values ​​of camaraderie. We worry less. We pay less attention to our image. It’s a fashion that we’ve already noticed for a long time,” Johan Detour, organizer of the Euro-mulet, tells us. Coincidentally with the calendar, the European Mule Cutting Championships took place last weekend in Creuse. So, we too wanted to make a classification, according to the opinion of our specialist.

The most modern: Jonathan Taumateine

The Samoan landed in the World Cup like his team, with a bang. During the victory against Chile on Saturday, the general public was able to see a great try from the scrum half of New Zealand origin but above all discovered a competitive mullet cut. “A beautiful faded mullet, modern category, 2.0s,” says Johan Detour.

“It’s not a discreet mullet but on the contrary very assertive! » for our specialist who comments on Jonathan Taumateine’s cut. AFP/Christophe Archambault

Detour continues with the technical-tactical characteristics of the cut which sticks to the player: “A beautiful brown gradient on the temples which gives the impression of a certain aerodynamics! A nice acrobatic attempt in any case, he wasn’t afraid to fly away. From what I saw, he didn’t hesitate to put his head in the game, to push the big guys when necessary, he has a good pass, good choices, lucidity, aggressiveness… In in any case, it is not a discreet mullet but on the contrary very assertive! »

Best known: Carter Gordon

It’s hard to beat Carter Gordon at this game. The Australian fly-half once again proudly displayed his unmistakable blond mullet, both from the stands and behind his television, during the Wallabies’ victory against Georgia (35-15).

The Australian Carter Gordon decided to cut his mullet in the middle of the World Cup. Icon Sport/Hugo Pfeiffer

“It’s a rather sober mullet, without gel or artifice. An old school mullet that we like, which respects the fundamentals of the cut, namely short on the top and on the temples with a beautiful, rather wild neck length,” explains Johan Detour. Enough to place the Australian in the Veteran category, that is to say that of the “real” mullet cuts, with very long hair at the back.

Problem: the person concerned, however, decided to review his haircut in the middle of the competition without even having set foot on the lawns. “I was training and with the wind and rain, my hair was flying into my mouth. At that moment I told myself it was time to get rid of it,” he explained on Instagram. To which the Australian team responded: “Pray for Carter’s mullet.” »

The most amazing: Simione Kuruvoli

Carter Gordon may have found his master in this World Cup. According to our specialist, the most impressive remains that of the Fijian Simione Kuruvoli.

The mullet cut of Fijian Simione Kuruvoli impresses our specialist. Icon Sport/SUSA/Mike Jones

“It falls on his neck a lot more. His neck is starting to be well hidden. He could have been well classified in the veteran category. It gives it a real feeling of speed. I would not like to see him come full face in front of me,” reacts the Euro-mulet organizer.

The plus « mulet »: Esteban Inostroza

This one should be put in a category of its own. If we easily spot Esteban Inostroza from afar, it’s not necessarily just for his 136 kg. The Chilean hooker sports a stunning mullet, almost shaved on top.

Chile’s hooker, Esteban Inostroza, sports a very particular mullet cut, the calmulet. LP/Fred Dugit

“It’s called calmulet. We love ! Very short, very clean on the top, a nice tuft on the nape of the neck. Both original and effective,” summarizes the expert. With one more detail: “A beautiful smile. This is important because the mule always has a smile. »

Most stylish: Ben Donaldson

Next to Carter Gordon, Ben Donaldson goes almost unnoticed. The Australian flyhalf, top scorer of the tournament with two tries so far, also shone against Georgia with his mullet, the complete opposite of his compatriot. The little curly side convinced us.

For the Australian fly half, Ben Donaldson, “we are more sure of the emerging mullet” Icon Sport/Abaca/Eliot Blondet

“We are more on the emerging mullet, that is to say, a shorter haircut where the nape is not yet hidden, but it can be hidden over time. It’s a sign of hope,” explains Johan Detour. Technically too, the mullet is validated: “It is very well shaved on the temples. It is starting to be very bushy, with a capillarity of its own. »

The most French: Peato Mauvaka

There had to be a Frenchman in this ranking, for the organizing country… of the Euro-mule. If we hesitated for a long time with Sipili Falatea, it is Peato Mauvaka who takes the honors. The replacement hooker, promoted to the starting position after Julien Marchand’s injury, sports a much less exorbitant cut than those previously mentioned.

French heeler Peato Mauvaka has been wearing the mullet cut for several years. LP/Olivier Lejeune

“He’s been wearing it for several years. If we interpret, this means that it is a voluntary choice and that he has perfect control over his mullet. In the end, even if it is very sober, it is perfectly executed,” recognizes our specialist. What will encourage you to start wearing a mullet?

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