A bill on the protection of sanctioned Russian companies submitted to the State Duma

Deputy Speaker of the State Duma Boris Chernyshov and deputies Vasily Vlasov and Andrei Lugovoi submitted to the lower house of parliament a bill with amendments to the Arbitration Procedure Code (APC), which provides for the possibility of filing claims in Russian arbitration courts against foreign companies and individuals who supported or contributed to the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions. The document is posted in the electronic database for ensuring the activities of the parliament.

The bill proposes to supplement Part 1 of Art. 248 of the APC (the exclusive competence of arbitration courts in the Russian Federation in disputes involving persons in respect of whom restrictive measures have been introduced) and enshrine in it the unconditional right to file claims with Russian arbitration courts against foreign organizations and citizens who supported the introduction of restrictive measures.

In particular, it is proposed to establish the right of Russian companies and individuals to file claims in court against foreign persons who, directly or indirectly, contributed to the adoption of restrictive measures, for example, provided financial and political support to the initiators of the sanctions, sponsored political parties, publicly supported, approved the introduction of restrictive measures. received unreasonable preferences as a result of the introduction of restrictive measures, suspended or refused to cooperate with persons against whom the sanctions were imposed, the document says.

At the moment, the Arbitration Procedure Code does not allow initiating such actions. The adoption of the bill will make it possible to compensate for losses and eliminate other adverse consequences that Russian citizens and companies receive as a result of the sanctions, including after the actual execution of the court decision in Russia through the collection of the defendants’ property, the explanatory note to the bill says.



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