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2023-06-06 18:35:00

Milan falls into chaos: now the farewell of Paul Maldinieffectively kicked out by Gerry Cardinale, it’s official. In a few hours also expected the farewell to Ricky Massara. A revolution, profound. And the fans are wondering about what the consequences will be, how the team will emerge from it, what the Rossoneri’s future will be.

And there are those who certainly didn’t like it Rafael Leão, the Portuguese champion fresh from contract renewal, a renewal for which Paolo Maldini played a fundamental role. And Leao reveals his state of mind without too many pretenses. A very hot, yesterday evening, Monday 5 May, a smiley, an emoticon posted on Twitter that said it very long.

Milan-Maldini, the farewell is now official: what Cardinale's harsh statement reveals

But not only. Today, Tuesday 6 June, Leao’s outburst also reached Instagram: the story that he published directly from Lisbon in fact does not leave too much room for ambiguity. A short video, Leao who frames himself in the classroom and mimes the gesture of a sewn mouth. As if to say: “I can’t talk”. Or rather, better not talk. Because otherwise who knows what I could say. Sure, Leao does all of this with his classic smile, the one he has on his face even as he dribbles and scores.

Among those in the Milan squad who, in one way or another, have taken a position on the expulsion of Maldini and Massara, also Yacine Adli, the midfielder Stefano Pioli has hardly ever seen this year. After the news about Maldini’s farewell, ifnatti posted a photo of the now ex dt during an award ceremony on Instgram. Milan is now officially a powder keg.

Happy retirement.  Scar Ibrahimovic, who covers him with insults in a video |  Look

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