A book collects the most intimate history of twelve leading female athletes

A book collects the most intimate history of twelve leading female athletes

The claim is constant. “The role of women in the world of sport must concern us all, including men”, he insisted Laia Palau. The former player and current sports director of theUnited Girona she is one of the twelve protagonists of the book «It would be worth it for Dones and Vida» who has directed the journalist and contributor to Diari de Girona Josep Guardiola and that this afternoon has been presented to the Deputation. “My testimony is collected here. A thousand and one situations are explained that have nothing to do with my sporting life, but which are basically lies because sport is my life. Basketball has always been my priority, before having a partner or children. It is important that our history is known beyond considering us as female references”, he added.

Josep Guardiola, the author, agrees with Nogué and Palau ANIOL CLOSED

«It would be worth it for Dones and Vida» collects, from twelve articles with top female athletes, experiences that go beyond the world of sport. It is the second volume of the Valorus collection, designed and promoted by Josep Delgado. The book reflects some of the problems with which the same has been encountered Laia Palau, Alexia PutellasNúria Picas, Anna Tarrés, Laia Sanz, Elena Congost, Encarna Granados, Araceli Segarra or Quima Casas, others. “It’s a summary of life in general through athletes. It talks about the world of sport through the eyes of twelve female figures in Catalan sport. Behind their successes are people, instead of victories, defeats, promotions or relegations”, said Guardiola. Regarding the history of Palau, for example, he has advanced that “he is a restless person who will get a tattoo and who, when he can, makes music reports in specialized magazines”. The idea, therefore, is to approach the most intimate face of the interviewees. Paloma del Rio, Olga Viza, Joan Manuel Surroca, Jordi Sunyer, Xavier Llorens, Arnau Segura, Enric Pujol, Xavi Madrona and Natàlia Arroyo sare the authors of the different articles.

Palau has taken the opportunity to highlight the unfair situation of inferiority that women’s sport continues to suffer. “It is important to talk about our lives to make ourselves known, but what is really interesting about us? There is a lot of talk about titles, I want when that happens to be valued for my work and not for the fact that I got them as a woman. It’s always a double effort when you’re a woman and I wish I didn’t have to sell the bike. A balance must be found. With all humility, I have kicked it”, he concluded.


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