A boy played on the phone before going to bed – and ordered food for a thousand dollars

A boy played on the phone before going to bed – and ordered food for a thousand dollars

Do you let your child play his favorite game on the phone before going to bed? It may cost you a fortune.

Keith Stonehouse, a resident of Michigan, decided to let his 6-year-old son Mason “play one last game before bed” on his cell phone. A short time later, couriers from restaurants suddenly started ringing the doorbell and bringing large shipments of food from many restaurants in the area.

A brief investigation revealed that the 6-year-old had been using the “quality time” with his father’s cell phone to log into the Grubhub food ordering app, ordering large quantities of food from various restaurants in the area. In the end, the child’s “game” on the phone cost no less than a thousand dollars, for food the child ordered through the app.

In an interview she gave to the AP news agency, Mason’s mother, Kristin, said that following the unpleasant situation they found themselves in, representatives of the app contacted them and offered them a gift card worth a thousand dollars, in order to help them cover the payment of the food order made by their son.

“The company is also considering using our family in an online promotional campaign,” Kristin said. And what was on the huge menu that 6-year-old Mason ordered that amounted to a thousand dollars worth of food? Salads, shawarma, pita bread with chicken, fries, sandwiches and more. “It was like something out of a ‘Saturday Night Live’ skit.” I still don’t really find it funny, but I can laugh a bit with people about it now. It’s a lot of money, and it kind of came out of nowhere,” Keith Stonehouse told Mlive.com.


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