A boy sentenced to death for being caught watching the “Squid Game” series

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The South Korean series “The Squid Game” became the most watched in about 90 countries around the world, and very quickly, if you missed it – became the most watched ever on Netflix. Unsurprisingly, the only country that has not been a partner in the madness is North Korea, which boycotts all content coming from the West and especially from the neighbor to the south. Now the boycott has taken a shocking turn.

Overseas, a boy was reported today (Wednesday) who smuggled a copy of the series into North Korea, was caught and sentenced to death by a firing squad – as in the series. The boy, a North Korean, was on a trip to China, where he purchased a copy he carried on USB. When he returned to the country, he spread the word about the copy, watched it with his friend and even sold copies of it. The group was apprehended by the state censorship after someone apparently leaked the prohibited acts.

Shooting Squad, from the series “The Squid Game” | Photo: Youngkyu Park, PR courtesy of Netflix

The investigation into their case is now continuing in an attempt to find additional foreign content that came into the students’ possession. Teachers at the school were also notified that at the end of the investigation they might find themselves fired or sent to hard labor as punishment for letting it happen. Other people in North Korea have been punished in the past for similar offenses – another person who imported a copy of the series received a life sentence and six people caught watching it were given 5 years of hard labor.

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The viewing figures of Netflix users were recently released and it was first learned that people watched more than 1.45 billion hours of the most successful series ever of the streaming giant. In light of the success, the creators of the series have announced that they are working on a second season, it is still unclear what it will deal with or when it will come out.

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