A broken sewer cover that makes a mockery of the smart city; Tiles

As the corporation describes itself as a ‘smart city’, crumbling or broken manhole covers make a mockery of the name. Behind this is the complacency of the authorities, the pain
Erode Municipal Corporation, 36th Ward Krishna Chetty Road, Salem, Namakkal and other areas including heavy vehicles including buses ply. Here, in the middle of the road, the sewer cover is broken and has been seen for several days.
No action was taken even after the people of the area reported to the municipal administration. In order to avoid accidents and warn motorists, cut the tree branch
have kept
Similarly, a footpath has been constructed along the Erode State Bank road in the Smart City project.
In this, the tiles on the road adjacent to the All Women Police Station were broken. Many walkers say they have been experiencing this condition for months. Elderly people who go early in the morning are more likely to fall and get injured if they are slightly careless. How many people have already been affected by this?
Lord is the light.

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