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How long had it been, fifteen years? From the exact moment in which Fabio Cannavaro raised the world Cup in Berlin after Italy’s victory in the final against France? Or from the collective rite of party at the Circus Maximus of Rome twenty-four hours later, with a few million women and men in flesh and blood representing many millions in flesh and blood in front of the TV? Here, fifteen years later, a snapshot sums up the best – even better than Cannavaro or Circo Massimo – the “Brothers of Italy”, “let’s join together in cohort” and also that collective awakening of the second verse of our national anthem. Sergio Mattarella, the President of the Republic, sitting in a Spallanzani armchair waiting for the vaccine.

The perfect photo. In a row like the others, Italian among Italians, parent among parents, grandfather among grandparents. Had it not been for the gray suit and tie, or the unmistakable white hair that was the focus of an outrage with his spokesperson Giovanni Grasso at the time of the total lockdown and closed barbershops, it would have been hard to recognize it. Perfect as if it were one of those memes with Bernie Sanders that invaded the web after the inauguration day of the Biden era, but true, “Tutto vero”, like the title of the Gazzetta dello sport of Italy that wins the 2006 World Cup .

The head of state, with a motionless gaze, crossed legs, FFP2 mask covering his nose and mouth, looks like the first-class pupil of a Heart book class but of the elderly and not of children, each composed in his own desk. wait for progress and science to do their duty. Nobody seems to pay particular attention to his presence and he does not seem to notice the presence of the others. As if he were Mattarella Sergio, Palermo, 23 July 1941, resident in Rome and not the President of the Republic.

In the Italy of the devastating 20-21, the year of those who died and those who did not, of those who got sick and those who did not, of those who were able to embrace their loved ones and those who did not, of those who had to close and those who did not, here , the photo of Spallanzani our white dot at the end of the tunnel.

The dot gets wider, the tunnel gets shorter. The measure of our “we”, all of us, for once without children and stepchildren, without shortcuts or cunning. It will not happen, perhaps, or it will not happen one hundred percent. But looking at a photo it’s nice to believe you can hope for it, to rely on this collective awakening than just the verse of a national anthem. But much, much more.

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