A call to local authorities to support the renovation of a building where a supported cultural institution operates

*The final documents to be attached to the support request will be updated on this page by this Thursday, 6/10/22*

  1. The Ministry of Culture and Sports – The Culture Administration (“the Ministry”), informs the local authorities that requests for support can be submitted for the 2022 budget year for the renovation of buildings in which cultural activities supported by the Ministry are carried out or where a public institution supported by the Ministry operates, both in the field of safety or the accessibility and for general renovations. The deadline for submitting the aforementioned support requests is Wednesday, the 22nd of Hashvan, November 16, 2022 at midnight. The support requests will be processed and the support will be distributed in accordance with the law, financial and economic regulations published by the Ministry of Finance, any relevant procedure and in accordance with the “tests for the distribution of support funds of the Ministry of Culture and Sports in a local authority for the renovation of a building where a supported public institution operates in the field of culture” (hereinafter – the tests), which are found on the Ministry’s website at:


  1. Required enter intoMerkava system, on the website at the address: https://mrp.mrc.gov.il/irj/portal, to submit the support request using it and to digitally sign the documents that require it, only by means of valid smart cards. A local authority that does not have tickets, as mentioned, must immediately contact Mr. Ami Avraham via email[email protected] . In order to extend the validity of a smart card, it is necessary to immediately contact the Comsign company at 03-6443620 or the Personal ID company at 2007* depending on the company that originally issued the card, in order to renew its validity.

  1. Before submitting a support request, it is mandatory to review to the end In the detailed advertisement, which was published regarding the submission of support requests for 2022. The ad appears on the office’s websitewww.mcs.gov.il Under “Publications” “Requests for support from the budget of the Ministry of Culture and Sports for 2022 – Culture Administration”. This ad also includes essential information regarding the submission of a support request according to the current reader’s voice and applies to it with the required changes.

  1. A local authority may submit one separate support request for each building, in which it or a supported public institution operates, all subject to the instructions of the tests. One support request can include a) a request to support renovation in the field of accessibility or safety; or, b) a request to support both renovation in the area of ​​accessibility or safety and general renovation.

  1. The ministry’s support according to these tests will be given subject to the available budget from the budgetary regulation for this test and first of all to requests to support renovations for accessibility or safety purposes, and in accordance with the rating that will be determined according to the tests. There is no certainty that the budget available for distribution will be sufficient to support all the support requests that meet the conditions for receiving support according to the tests. Only if a free budget is left after the discussion of requests to support renovation for safety or accessibility purposes will the requests to support general renovation be considered. In any case, one local authority will not receive more than 20% of the total support budget to be distributed according to these tests.

  1. It is mandatory to submit a request for support in accordance with TCM instruction 6.2.1 together with all the forms listed there, which are an inseparable part of it. The same applies to all the documents listed in these tests, and in particular in section 6(c). An application that is submitted incompletely as stated does not constitute In general, a request for support will not be processed. It is not possible to complete or correct documents after the deadline for submitting support requests according to this call.

  1. You can get technical help in submitting applications at Merkava by sending an email to the address [email protected] or by contacting the support center of the Merkava at 02-5012443.

  1. All that is said in this convocation is to add to what is said in any law, procedure or the tests and not to detract from them. In the event of a contradiction between what is stated in this convocation and what is stated in any law, procedure or tests, what is stated in the latter shall prevail. The mere publication of this call does not constitute an obligation to provide support, a representation as if a request for support will be approved by the support committee or any other committee.

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