A cartoon loved by children in the field to educate about well-being

A cartoon loved by children in the field to educate about well-being

2023-06-05 12:50:13

Bing, one of the most loved characters by younger children, protagonist of the animated series produced by Acamar Films, will be ambassador of health and well-being, alongside the Italian Society of Pediatrics (Sip) and Assonidi. ‘Good habits’ kicks off in June, a campaign, unprecedented in Italy, to raise awareness and promote good practices for the healthy and serene growth of children.

Over 11,000 paediatricians throughout the country, about 400 facilities including nursery schools and kindergartens, hundreds of thousands of families with children aged 0-6 who follow Bing on Rai Yoyo and on all the main content distribution platforms multimedia, will be involved in a large awareness project on topics such as nutrition, the importance of playing outdoors, the main rules of hygiene and child care, the importance of sleep, the fear of doctors and hospitals and many others. The first part of the campaign – explains a note – will be dedicated to correct eating habits and will explain the importance, among other things, of adopting a diet inspired by the Mediterranean model, which includes fruit and vegetables, of staying constantly hydrated and daily physics.

The ‘Good habits’ project, the promoters point out, is based on the belief that the theme of health education at an early age is an essential element for a modern society, attentive to the well-being of individuals and families. A first step towards building a future characterized by adult citizens who are informed and aware of the importance of their own psycho-physical health and that of the entire community. “We are happy that a character so loved by children like Bing can become, thanks to this campaign, an ‘ambassador’ of correct lifestyles to help our children and grandchildren grow up healthy and become healthy adults”, underlines Annamaria Staiano, president of the Sip.

The goal of this project, which sees Bing as an ambassador, is to create a link between the different places frequented by children in the first years of their life: the family, the kindergarten, the doctor’s office, the playground, the school canteen . In all these places, children will feel supported in their growth thanks to branded materials, objects, games and events which will convey the messages of their friend Bing and all the other characters from the animated series.

The Bing series, designed with the support of children’s specialists, pedagogues, educators and speech therapists, offers an authentic representation of the typical ups and downs of life of a preschooler, seen right through his eyes. This, which is the reason for the great success of Bing in the world and in Italy, will allow the project to spread messages effectively and with authority – the promoters of the project still underline – in order to help families manage situations such as fear of the doctor and hospitals. Situations that are sometimes very complex and which, with a friend like Bing by your side, can become exciting little adventures.

“Italian families have welcomed Bing with open arms, so to see characters from the series spearhead this incredibly important and long-lasting campaign to support thousands of families across Italy is truly fantastic,” said Mikael Shields, CEO of Bing. Acamar Films. During the health and well-being promotion campaign, families will be able to receive messages validated by Sip to be used to develop fun and educational activities for adults and children, such as recipes suitable for the little ones, game cards to color and read, video clips to watch on YouTube and more. Assonidi will allow all associated nursery schools and families to receive and use the campaign materials to involve children in moments of play and growth in the company of their favorite character.

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