A celebration of children’s theater at a small price in Ashdod

A celebration of children’s theater at a small price in Ashdod

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The Municipal Society for Culture and Leisure invites you next week to a number of high-quality children’s plays that will be staged in the community centers and at a price of only NIS 10 per child. what is on the menu?

JAnd Monday, 13.02 at 17:30 – “The never-ending treasure” / Orna Forat Theater
Brother and sister receive a piece of land as a gift from their father. The land is dry and neglected, but the father assures them that “treasure is hidden in the land”. The two brothers immediately start digging and turning the earth with all their might but find nothing.

When they complain to their father, the father insists that the treasure is in the ground. While the brother despairs and tries to find shortcuts to get his own “treasure” elsewhere, his sister begins to understand exactly what the treasure their father was referring to in all his wisdom.

In the end, the brothers realize that the land itself is the treasure, and that with perseverance, dedication, hard work and of course love – the land will give us more and more, like a never-ending treasure. For my age: 4-7 years. ‘Safra’ Community Center, 4 Av St., Ashdod, for information and reservations: 08-8675261

soup-buttons.  Photo: Yossi-Zvkar

Tuesday, 14.02 at 17:30“Button Soup” / Orna Forat Theater
A wise folktale about a small village where a hungry beggar comes hoping to get some food. To his surprise the villagers who hide in their houses and ignore him and even do not help each other. The vagabond beggar decides to open their hearts (and also fill his stomach) – and promises to make all the villagers soup from… buttons!

A colorful, entertaining and challenging theater performance about the power of cooperation, community brotherhood, and the understanding that if everyone contributes their small part – together we can do great things, and change. The children in the audience help the 2 actors tell the story of the play, and thus experience for themselves the magic of sharing, and the advantage of a united company.

Children’s show for ages 4-7, the show is in an intimate format where two actors play. ‘Tana’ Community Center, 3 Shalom Shabazi St., Ashdod. For information and orders 08-8555478

Tuesday, 14.02 at 17:30 – “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” / Orna Forat Theater
An adaptation of the beloved classic. What happens when the sorcerer’s apprentice can’t help himself and tries to perform magic before the time has come? A virtuoso solo show full of humor, with wonderful songs, surprising magic, puppetry and great classical music. On patience, on the importance of study and practice, on failure and success. For ages 5-8 years. Dekal Community Center, 6 Rothschild Ave., Ashdod. For information and orders: 08-8668634.

The shows are taking place As part of the project “The resident in the community center” – leisure events at an equal price for everyone: quality children’s shows for only 10 NIS per child, accompanying parent for free.

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