A ceremony in memory of Eric Alfasi

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A ceremony in memory of Alfasi (Itzik Belnitsky)

Before the game between Elitzur Netanya and Nahariya in the National Basketball League tonight (Saturday), all the team players, referees and coaching staff went up to the floor wearing a shirt in memory of the late Arik Alfasi.

After the words spoken by Ephraim Bolmesh and Eric’s house, Lior Alfasi, a video was shown with pictures of Eric from special moments in his career in particular and in his life in general. After the video, the entire hall stood for a minute of applause for Eric. Ephraim Bolmesh, along with Shai Saglovitz and Ruben Neiberger, the teams’ coaches, gave the family a shirt by Elitzur Netanya with Arik’s name.

Pini Gershon at a ceremony in memory of Alfasi (Itzik Blanitzky)Pini Gershon at a ceremony in memory of Alfasi (Itzik Blanitzky)

On the floor at the ceremony: Arik Alfasi’s family, Shai Siglovitz, Nahariya coach and close friend of Arik, director of the Netanya sports department, Moti Shaibi, chairman of the league, Ron Vrotitsky, chairman of Elitzur Netanya, Avidan Nagar, chairman of Nahariya , Tzviel Rubin and Ephraim Bolmesh, hold the sports portfolio in the Netanya municipality.

Ephraim Bolmesh He said: ‘Good evening, dear family, this whole event is for you and for Eric, needless to say. This is one of the most ingrained people in Netanya’s sports and basketball. Anyone who was at the funeral could see the amount of people who came during the Corona period. This is one of the people Netanya is most proud of. Many dignitaries from the world of Netanya sports and basketball came to pay their respects. He was a Netanyahu and will always be a Netanyahu and he is with us at heart. ‘

Yogev Ohayon (Itzik Belnitsky)Yogev Ohayon (Itzik Belnitsky)
A ceremony in memory of Alfasi (Itzik Belnitsky)A ceremony in memory of Alfasi (Itzik Belnitsky)


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