A close battle between Levy and Sharon: Who will win a huge prize?

A close battle between Levy and Sharon: Who will win a huge prize?

Such a thing has never been seen before in the lower leagues in football. If you have not had time to celebrate with the players from your favorite team last season, ONE respects the first division players! After the 2021/22 season is already behind us and the grand final has begun, where a close battle for the title is developing between Eran Levy and Ido Sharon, all under the auspices of Grill Town. You choose (70% of the total votes), on the expert weight of ONE (which will constitute 30%), who will ultimately be the two players who will win an unprecedented prize.

So the first and second rounds are already behind us, in which 24 candidates from League A North and South competed and from them went on to the grand final stage and four players: Eran Levy, Ido Sharon, Maamon Kashua and Samir Farhud. At the end, the two players will be chosen to win a prestigious outdoor kitchen worth NIS 38,000 each! This is a gift from Grill Town, one of the leading brands in the world. And you, the fans? Do not be indifferent. Enter the project articles, read about the various candidates, vote and influence. Voting until tomorrow, Thursday, June 16, at 3 p.m.

The prestigious outdoor kitchen from GRILLTOWN is about 3 meters long, which includes a grill, gas stove, rotating skewer, LED lighting, sink unit, storage unit and a quality beverage refrigerator, with all this pleasure worth about 38,000 shekels and if not enough, including 5 years full warranty at a customer’s home!

The prestigious kitchen (Photo: Benny Toledo)

Accept the four finalists for the degree:

Samir Farhud, Youth of Kfar Kanna (League A North): The son of Hanna Farhud was one of the pillars of the season in the youth of Kfar Kanna by Hisham Zoabi. The team that was promoted last summer from the second division to the first division, remained in the league in style, much thanks to the young and talented player from the Farhud family.

Samir Farhud (courtesy of Amir Hag)Samir Farhud (Courtesy of Amir Haj Yahya)

Mamon Kashua, Tira Sports Club (League A North): The young man, who came to football by chance, made a corps in quite a few teams and was even part of Maccabi Netanya and Hapoel Haifa. This season, Tira was a warm home for him and he knew how to give it back well in his great game up front. There is no doubt that Tira won and so did the player who developed and progressed this season.

Tough Training (Courtesy of Nazia Sultan) (ONE System)Tough Training (Courtesy of Nazia Sultan) (ONE System)

Eran Levy, Maccabi Kabilio Jaffa (League A South): At age 36, Eran Levy continues to prove he is simply endless. The Jaffa midfielder recorded an excellent season and led it to promotion to the National League after 12 years, when also in the State Cup he made a force and dragged the modest team on his back all the way to the quarterfinals of the State Cup, where he was eliminated by Maccabi Tel Aviv. Levy is a partner this season in 30 games in all competitions in which he scored 12 goals, won the player of the season award from ONE and the players’ organization and signed for another season in a team that will play in Leumit.

Eran Levy Celebrates (Hagai Michaeli)Eran Levy Celebrates (Hagai Michaeli)

Ido Sharon, Hapoel Kfar Shalem (League A South): The 19-year-old goalkeeper, who is on loan from Hapoel Tel Aviv to Kfar Shalem and is due to return to Kobi Refuah’s Reds next season, undoubtedly has a very promising future. Sharon is a partner in a wonderful season for Kfar Shalem, which finished in second place in the regular season and defeated Samson Kfar Qassem a huge 3: 4 in the Southern District final after already trailing 3: 0. Sharon is a partner this season in 37 games and proudly led the best defense in the league (conceded only 24 goals).

Ido Sharon (Shahar Gross)Ido Sharon (Shahar Gross)

The sponsor Grill Town is a private company founded in 2001. It is the leading chain in the field of gas grills and outdoor kitchens for over a decade. The company imports, markets and distributes in Israel the best brands from the world’s leading manufacturers of gas grills, outdoor kitchens, accessories for outdoor kitchens, smokehouses, ovens, grill accessories and a wide range of products for sun terraces and courtyards that will enrich your dining and hospitality experience. For details about the company’s products, you can click here> »

Ronen Kenpo, the owner of the Grill Town chain, founded the company about a decade ago, when the company’s first branch was established in Rishon Lezion. The company exclusively markets a huge and large variety in Israel of gas grills, outdoor kitchens and other products from the world of BBQ from the world’s leading brands. Last March, another branch of the company was opened to residents of the north, established in Nesher. The new branch covers an area of ​​1,000 meters. The Grill Town chain is expected to soon open a branch in the Netanya and Jerusalem area, and within two years to realize the company’s vision with a nationwide deployment of 6 branches.

Ronen Kanfo (Yonatan Ginzburg)Ronen Kanfo (Yonatan Ginzburg)
Grill Town Outdoor Kitchen (ONE System)Grill Town Outdoor Kitchen (ONE System)
The prestigious kitchen (Photo: Benny Toledo)The prestigious kitchen (Photo: Benny Toledo)
The prestigious kitchen (Photo: Benny Toledo)The prestigious kitchen (Photo: Benny Toledo)

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